Psychotherapy & Mindfulness-Based Intervention

Psychotherapy and Mindfulness-Based Intervention will help us grow surprisingly. Throughout this process, we learn to understand the pattern of our tendencies to be transformed.

We learn what we are now and what we will do. We choose decisions based on which one is likely the same or/or different in our life (i.e., family, work, and close personal relationships). With this knowledge of ourselves, we will move toward the principle of non-resisting — not resisting ourselves to grow effectively and to embrace the future gratefully.

This means that we know when ‘to act” and when “not to act.” It is because we understand the flow within and around us. We know the best timing for our actions and the consequences. We know and understand that it is unlikely to choose the frame of our “destiny” but what we put it in is ours.

We work with what we have been given. What potential we are given is what we are starting to journey in our lives. This journey is to be the best version of ours.
DR. Kusnadi

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