30 Qualities for Success

30 Qualities for Success

Honesty, Humor, Friendliness, Confidence,
Integrity, Persistence, Humility, Goal Setter,
Decisive, Hard Worker, Learner,
Positive Mental Attitude, Compassionate,
Disciplined, Dedicated, Faithful,
Dependable, Knowledgeable, Communicator,
Loving, Enthusiastic, Motivated, Patient,
Loyal, Organized, Good Listener,
Empathetic, Self-Respect,
Common Sense, and Character.
Go ahead now.
Look yourself in the mirror
and claim these qualities!
Please do it for several weeks
and you’ll notice a change in your life.

ZIG ZIGLAR Newsletter
14 June 2000, Volume II, Number 2

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A process of spiritual awakening

1 Samuel 16: 1, 6-7. 10-13 / Psalms 23: 1-6 / Ephesians 5: 8-14 / John 9: 1-41

What was happening when you woke up in the morning? Do you want to stay longer in your bed? Put off getting up! Turn over and over for another nap? Hit the snooze button? Half-awake—it is like sleepwalking—dreamily walking! Absent-mindedly–It is a condition between was and is? There were also moments when you suddenly jumped out of your bed, startled! Sudden readiness—shock! And you say “Oh my God!” Correct? And there were many times we felt refresh! Fully wake up!

Wake up means to have our eyes opened so that we see. It is to have our ears opened so that we hear. It is to have our reason alert so that we understand. It is to have our body system ready for the day ahead.

In the biblical way of speaking of spiritual awareness, to be awake is the opposite of being asleep, deaf, blind, and without understanding.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus’ acts of prophecy (Such as Spat; Clay with the saliva; Smeared the clay, and his command “Go wash in the Pool of Siloam”) glimpsed a figure standing in the shadow of darkness. He had shown to the audiences the deeper dimension of reality, that the Grace of God is larger—stronger than the power of evil or darkness. His miracles stunned people so that many of them said, “We’ve never seen anything like this before! He is a prophet! He is a Son of Man!” Such a shock caused his audience to wonder in amazement.

It was different from the people who were possessed by hatred and anger. They sensed and reacted differently: “How can a sinful man do such signs?” They cursed the good things that came from God.

Jesus’ healings were themselves paradigmatic. When he healed a blind man—even the one who was born blind, he demonstrated how “unseeing” persons could be made to see by his touch—by his personal encounter. When he healed the paralyzed, the crippled, he showed that unfeeling persons could be made to feel and engage the unexplored dimensions of their psyche. And when he opened deaf ears, he revealed how deaf persons could be made to hear.

There is only one thing Christ could not do; it was asking or making the Pharisees accept him. It had to come from their heart. It had to come from their personal will. It could not be forced. It had to be a personal decision!

Now, how those things work on us concretely?

I will answer that question with other questions. There is a wise thing to do, right? Have you ever tried to recognize the area of yours that you feel: Blind, deaf, or paralyzed? Where are you fit it? Are you more in the blindness state, where you cannot see the truth of the reality; the direction of your life?

Are you more in a deafness state where you could not hear the message of God—the voice of God within, that probably does not make feel comfortable?

Or, you are in the paralyzed state, the state, where you are feeling stuck! When you are feeling unable to make any concrete movement! It seems something has been tied you up strongly!

Right now, I want to make you sure understand the concept of awakening; spiritual, psychological and even, physical—that I have learned through the contemplation of today readings, especially on the Gospel:

It is like when you are all wake up in the morning. Some open their eyes with a start because of noise or a touch, a spat, an unpredictable smeared the saliva clay on your face… others with a jolt because of a shocking experience. Some slowly and gradually come to the consciousness of a new day.

I want to conclude this reflection with these words:

We can describe a process of spiritual awakening, but we cannot dissolve the mystery. Remember that. Seeing with the eyes of the heart and feeling the transformation that follows creates a new perspective on life, but none can fully explain how or why it happens! It is just like had happened with the man who was born blind.

[It is good if you are all able to read once again at home the long version of the Gospel reading today, in order to get a complete message!]

Somehow, I believe, even awakening from sleep is mysterious!

DR. Kusnadi

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Creating balance between outer & inner world

Because of the instinct to survive in this physical world, one naturally developed certain logic, rationalities of thinking, or somehow to a greater degree of imagination, visualizing, or fantasizing. Somehow in a surprising way, the mind was instructed to give more top priority to the outer world.

The preoccupation with the outer world has overshadowed the inner world. The inner world’s skills that supposed to be trained in certain ways (i.e., which to liberate the self, to embrace the interdependency, to be creative without too much worry), through time being oppressed by the demand of the outer world.

The challenge now is, how to start to beat the drums for the inner world. Awaken the old pattern of belief systems to alert and be mindful that there are possibilities to have a better life. There is an urgent need for creating a balance between the outer world and the inner world. It is time to embrace equality between those worlds.

The inner world needs to learn to be proud, or, to be confident to give itself a priority to be noticed. It is okay to learn to see the possibilities from the impossibilities. It is alright to feel vulnerable and yet be able to recognize and be brave enough to dream big dreams. There are potentialities to sprout wings to travel a million miles away. Even if does not have a clue of how to get from here to there, yet, there is a strong drive that revival the creativities within.  One of the biggest steps is to let the light penetrates the darkness inside.

Through commitment, consistency, and persistence, the impossible will become possible. Amen.

DR. Kusnadi

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To grow as to continue to be authentic

There is the truth in this ancient teaching: “To connect constantly to the Light of the Creator, we must develop and become like the desert.”

The desert is an un-owned, open space within which anybody can do anything they want. This is the level to which we are supposed to develop. Being like the desert means that you embracing originality, which means, you care about what people think about you, but you are not becoming fear; you notice what people say to you, but you are mindful be able to do self-reflection without necessary worrying too much that you are wrong. All means being free in the deepest sense to grow as to continue to be authentic.

Our nature is usually the opposite of the desert. We are extremely and constantly concerned about what people do, say, or even think about us. We are captive to almost everybody, for their actions, words, and even thoughts can influence our feelings and life.

To develop spiritually, we need to constantly become like the desert, feeling open and free like the desert. It is not an easy process, but it greatly enables our spiritual development and brings to a level of equanimity and peace that cannot be reached any other way. It is a process that takes constant focus and effort, but the result is immense.

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When the ultimate crisis comes…

When the ultimate crisis comes. When it seems there is no way out. Authentic faith tells that it is the time to learn to surrender, to let go of internal mind struggle, and to tap the untapped reservoir of overflowing grace.

It is a very humbling reality to acknowledge that to solve the ultimate problem one needs to surrender first. Surprisingly, the Infinite Origin Force automatically will teach about the need to well up beyond reason, rational expectation, or hope, in order to experience enlightenment. Through tranquility of mind and heart, one is able to mindfully experience the actualization process within. It happens when supposition replaces opposition and when the paradox teaches the internal vocation of how to be the best version of the self in the daily decision.

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What shall I, a poor man, do?

The rich will make temples for Shiva. What shall I, a poor man, do? My legs are pillars, my body a shrine, my head a cupola of gold.

Listen, O Lord of the meeting rivers, things standing shall fall but the moving shall ever stay. Make of my body the beam of a lute, of my head the sounding gourd, of my nerves the strings, of my fingers the plucking rods.

Clutch me close and play your thirty-two songs, O Lord of the meeting rivers.

— Basavanna, Medieval Hindu Poet


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Walking across the “sacred high” bridge

Every kind of life has pain or problems. That is the reason why the ability to find a quality of presence is kind of a must. By learning to breathe mindfully, the mind and heart naturally open to the moment, then to see, to feel, and to find the truth concealed in it. A greater unity within then happens in a surprising way. As the mind with heart continues to pay attention closer to the happenings at the moment, the subconscious mind is going to be honest to the self — articulately speak the truth within.

The amazing part is when the mind with heart notices that things that used to be stressful are less and less stressful. The healing process is then happening….  walking across the “sacred high” bridge to be in the “Otherness” becomes the honest humble articulation from the simultaneous deep desire within for becoming. Because the joy within is excessive than wouldn’t want to enjoy it alone but wants to tell everyone about this majestic experience. Let this all sink in for a moment… Just be in the moment… to rejoice and to praise.

DR. Kusnadi.

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In The Path of Breathing

Take a moment. Gentle breath with senses. Be mindful of the exhale. Notice how good it feels at this moment. Reignite hope and nurture it through the tranquility mind and heart. Let the positivity and the more joy penetrating the being to the point — when the perception and perspective become living lens and senses. Let the inner movement guides to articulate the purpose and meaning inward and outward — then let what you see in and you experience become abundant blessings that transform and heal…

DR. Kusnadi

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Misconception about happiness is common

Misconception about happiness is common. We convince ourselves that life will be better if we have a larger home, a nicer car, a corner office. We tell ourselves we’ll be happier if we are married, or if we are singles, or if we have children, or if we get divorced. We tell ourselves that life will be better once we finish a difficult task at work, or perhaps when we change jobs altogether.

The truth, as we are constantly shown, is that life is always full of challenges. Happiness doesn’t suddenly, permanently envelops us when we’ve completed a task or cleared an obstacle. At some point, we must admit to ourselves that these tasks and obstacles are life, and decide to be happy in spite of them.

Is there a solution to this universal problem?

There is, in a single verse in the Bhagavadgita (V.23):

“Only he who can keep in control here itself the pressure mounted by desire and anger can be happy; he is a true yogin.”

This formula for happiness is brief, crisp, and lucid, with no ambiguity. If we learn to govern our passions, we can be happy here and now. Transforming the old core belief system is a must. The difficulty is in the consistent and persistent daily implementation, which often we need support and guidance.

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The Power of Attention

If the eye is clear, our body will be full of light. When our attention is receptive and accepting, everything we see may become an object of meditation, a source of teaching.

Even the most difficult and painful feelings and emotions, as we experience their arising in the present, can become teachers and companions for us.

There is wisdom from the fifteenth-century poet, “When the eyes and ears are open, even the leaves on the trees teach like pages from the scriptures.”

Where shall we place our attention? As we move through the days of our lives, how shall we keep our eye clear, our hearts open, and our spirits alive and awake in the present moment? If we find ourselves thinking all day about whether or not we are loved, or how we can protect ourselves from danger, or how we can impress others with our skills and achievements, then we are condemned to languish in a prison of our own making.

Where we look and how we see gives birth to the kind of life we will live. If we see the only danger, we live in fear; if we seek what is gentle and true, we will find ourselves on a path of serenity and peace.

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