CD Journey to the Light

Our interior muscles of the soul store the painful and loving memories. For some people, the memories of pain seem to paralyze them.

The pain of being betrayed in many ways, such as, politically, psychologically, and spiritually by the system of society, religious institutions, family, and even the one whom we trusted and loved, broke the heart, crushed the bone, and trembled the interior muscles of the soul.

Mostly, we are taught to forgive in order to be healed but the question becomes how to forgive when the pain is so hurtful. To forgive not only takes time but has to go beyond the pains, entering the darkness of the heart, and embracing our personal shadows. This journey has to come to the compassionate heart as the act of our will, flowing from the heart.

Only ones who have faith and a courageous heart are able to reconstruct their interior soul, transform their hopeless life to wholeness, as a purpose filled future, experiencing God’s mercy and healing.

The journey of the soul from the darkness to the light is a strong experience, a message that appeals to our thirst for meaning, a warm heart, happiness, love, tranquility, and spiritual freedom. Sometimes the spiritual freedom does not merely solve the problem of life but exquisitely heals us wholly and dissolves the causes of our pains.

This journey happens because we believe that each of us carries a memory of our Divine Love, and each one of us hears the echoes of the celestial bird’s song hidden in the garden of our heart. These songs become the song of the soul, as the voice of celestial bird that touches every pain and then heals it. You will be amazed when, at the end of the journey, you can experience once again the beautiful garden of the heart.


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Enjoy the music and song healer
Liberate your negative emotions
and transform your life

One does not enlightened by
imagining figure of light, but by
making the darkness conscious

Carl Jung

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