The process of becoming

Pay attention to the process of growth. Through it, one will learn true wisdom that “to live” is a constant relating process. The authentic calling is to come out of a shell of isolation and conclusion. The mind must embrace the reality of growing as willing to relate directly yet holding dear values.

The process of becoming then is to seek neither approval nor influence from or to. One needs to be mindful in the path of becoming. The mind and the heart need to learn to surrender the thoughts and feelings of “this is this” or “that is that.” The process then helps both the mind and heart do more reflective questions.

By doing all those processes, one will learn more to continue to grow while being alive in the experiences. There will be no reference to worry or fear about being judged or attached and then getting stuck.

The conclusion is the ultimate act of becoming aware of preparing the self to enter the novel gate of opportunities.
DR. Kusnadi

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