Mantra Awaken Healing Unconsciousness

Be mindful of the center
Noticing all the planets of interests
Let all the planets circle the center
Just like the planets circling the sun
Imaging the orbits of all the planets
Make them balance
As let them balance themselves
Operate from a positive perspective

Let them spin gently clockwise
Creating balance, good, and healing energy
Harmonizing the whole Universe
Let the Green as the orbit color
Moving from the Crown Chakra
to the Base Chakra, down to the Mother Earth
and return to the Crown Chakra
and spread out to the Universe

Then the Green covers all the surrounding
Let the soul be mindful
that the positive power of unconsciousness
that moves to the subconsciousness
and appear to the consciousness
is totally Unlimited.
It is a miracle
Endless Blessings!

DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

Better everyday

Imagine what it would be like if you could level up the feeling good enough by being more mindful of how your brain is filtering in and out all the information in the decision-making process.

Here, in 5 minutes, you will learn to master your mind. At this moment, you will benefit clarity from reciting this simple mantra every day:

  1. Even though I believe my life is better, I have things that I am thankful for every day.
  2. Even though certain things still worry me, I have a good support system; I have faith that things will be alright; I have my independency to get it better.
  3. Even though I am lonely sometimes, I can still do single activities that bring a sense of freedom, a healthier lifestyle, and happiness every day.
  4. Because I am worthy and deserve to feel better every day, I am making my dreams happen today. I am safe, accepted, and loved.

DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC

I am already there

I am already there
Because I am already here
In this moment
Patient and gentle necessary
I give myself permission to be at this time
I am already there
Because I am already here
Sense of direction
Lead to transformation
It gives reasons
To be thankful
For the transformation
Becoming who I want to be
Becoming where I want to be
Becoming how I want to be
I am already there
because I am already here
to love more
to be happier

DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

The Power of Little Healthy Curiosity

The power of “LITTLE HEALTHY CURIOSITY” and the ability to “DO IT” are ingredients to increase a happier lifestyle. That little curiosity and the “do it” manifest the willingness to enter into the unfamiliar territories of life, learn to explore the “fun” of them, and continue expecting more “discoveries.”

When you add “healthy curiosity” with the sense of “wonder and awe,” you can embrace the little aspect of life’s mystery, bringing more life-fulfillment and continuing yearning or wanting to do more. You will never regret your life because your life is lively, full of colors, and you find beauty in each of them.

DR. Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D., LCPC

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Solitude & Disruption

The extreme disruption made people aware that there was something wrong. Here, the disruption enables them to notice the extreme random thoughts. In that situation, people often believe that they are not safe and in a chaotic situation. That is why solitude is frequently experienced as a disruption of real life that is often experienced as busy, messy, and cluttered.

In the solitudes, the slowing down mind forces to see and experience the small ripple and the giant wave of emotions—this experience could lead to terrifying feelings because of the sudden awareness that there are so many thoughts and unfamiliar emotions in a second or a minute. The abrupt with no continuous stimulation triggers and exacerbates the hysteria. Solitude becomes frightening when there is no grasp to relinquish the fight within.

So, it is important, as we’re breathing, we need to take a moment and learn to adapt, adjust, and get used to the solitudes. Then, we can find the enlightenment way of being, understanding, and responding to whatever challenges ahead. The longer we cultivate the non-grasping thoughts and emotions, the freer we will be. We are no longer confined or imprisoned by our suppositional thoughts and maladaptive emotions.

We, then, begin to notice that life is the realization of its contingency. We learn that life is perpetual transcendence, always moving into the future and creating the present. In so many ways, life is also the acceptance of finitude and responsibilities to care, love, and grow. Life is a calling to make better and greater humanity and a more wonderful universe.

If we look back at the dynamic between the disruption and the regularity, we learn that life is neither fixed nor absolute, ambiguous. Instead, life is full of possibilities that are entailed by existence. So what does this all mean? Certainly that the choices we make daily transform life itself. The choices bear the creative process that leads the mind and heart to embrace the aesthetic experience of the world. We can experience the world as both rich and beautiful through this process.

Notable Life Counseling Services LLC
DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC

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STOP the Unwanted Thoughts

We have between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts thoughts a day that we don’t notice. We believe them. We swim through our thoughts like a fish swims through water. We don’t even notice how we think and sense. We don’t notice the colors and the sights around us.

The most interesting part, we often notice the thoughts that we don’t like. What is really going on is because we don’t like those thoughts. We want to avoid, to fix them. But, somehow, we don’t know what to do with them. So we struggle against them, and we start to think that it is impossible to win. We feel hopelessness and helplessness. We get trapped, and the worst we feel we can’t breathe.

Here’s the bottom line, the more we fight, the loser we will be and the stronger those thoughts are, and the more disordered we are.

The catastrophic thoughts preoccupied the thoughts then triggered disproportionate maladaptive emotions. We obsessively struggle against those thoughts and get stuck in an endless loop of overthinking. The struggle doesn’t get better because the struggle becomes a robust sponger that terrifies the soul and disables, steals our total discretion, and depletes energy.

Now, if you can feel a strong connection to the described facts above, then it is time to STOP, BREATHE, and THINK of all the ways you can; to IGNITE the STOP commands to convey critical thinking.

You can pull up a “chair” of your core and imagine yourself mastering five ways to surrender:

(1) Don’t suppress the thoughts that you don’t like. STOP and divert your attention away from the thoughts above. STOP and do things that help your thoughts, NOT following the default. STOP and tell yourself to do creative, active activities, such as listening to an Audiobook, doing a Crossword puzzle, or trying to solve Sudoku, Cryptograms, or Word Searches.

(2) The intrusive thoughts are different than reality. It is worthy of being able to STOP to recognize their differences. Be mindful to STOP asking the questions with “what if….” Instead, be mindful of the reality of the now and continue building a stronger connection with the present moment. STOP and TRUST that you are alright and will be okay, that you will be better and have a better future. Those are necessary.

(3) Identify the triggers. Often, your thoughts are not entirely random, and your day-to-day interactions may influence them. STOP questions and START keeping a journal of the thoughts that you don’t want. Then, STOP and ask yourself how to understand patterns of those thoughts over time. By doing this, you exercise mastery, becoming a master for your thoughts.

(4) Transform the lifestyle wholeheartedly. STOP and picture what your life will be if you develop positive changes in your daily routine. Then, STOP and COMMIT to what you already planned and CONSISTENT to enforce the choices that you already made to better you. Finally, STOP and understand that following the transforming alternatives will be worthwhile.

(5) Talk it out will give you new insight and healing. You do not rule out therapy because it is proven beneficial. STOP and think about what is noteworthy to your life now. STOP and BE IN THE PRESENT. STOP and be mindful when you are breathing. STOP and implant these words in your brain:

I choose to let go and surrender. I visualize the boat turning around to a better life direction, the “me” dropping the oars, and floating downstream happily through the scenic surroundings and the fresh air. All is well. All is well.

Notable Life Counseling Services LLC
DR. Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D., LCPC

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