Start with a thought

What if you replaced fear with curiosity, excitement, optimism, and love?

The distance between you and eternity is a thought.

By transforming the way you think, may your life unleash everything beautiful that life has to offer.

Again in this healing therapeutic journey, you start with a thought…

DR. Rony Kusnadi, PhD, LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

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We need to take care of our mental health during this pandemic, psychiatrist says.

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t just having a public health and economic toll on the world — it threatens our mental health, too.

But there are things we can do to combat feelings of helplessness, panic, depression, and anxiety, said psychiatrist Dr. Christine Moutier on CNN’s ongoing coronavirus town hall.

Here’s one way to change your mindset:

“Think about what you have in your control and what you don’t have in your control. Those are facts. You can get your head around that and you can move towards what is actually in your control, which actually is a lot. These are the choices we can make for ourselves and our families right now.”

If you feel like you want to reach out to a professional for help, but are in self isolation or home quarantine, there are telehealth options and online resources that could offer remote counseling, she added.

“It’s a time when people with a history of mental health conditions need to take extra special care of their mental health right now.”

Source: US cases keep climbing. Here are the facts

Anybody can do what I do

On February 15, George Hood, 62-year-old former Marine, held a plank for 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, which Guinness World Records confirmed was the new record.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this, Hood said it’s this:

“Anybody can do what I do.”

“Everybody has to start somewhere,” Hood said. “Every tree that’s planted has roots. Once that tree is planted and those roots start to grow, whether it be 30 seconds or a minute or 5 minutes or an hour (of holding a plank), you start repeating the process and taking care of your tree, it will grow and you will improve and you will actually get better.”

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The journey through

Be Aware!!!
We humans, it seems, have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. But according to some research, as many as 98 percent of them are exactly the same as we had the day before. Talk about creatures of habit! Even more significant, 80 percent of our thoughts are negative.

The question is, how to rise the positive, healthy, and happy consciousness from level to level , and grow naturally as habit?

One of the answer is, the going into the “water,” the baptismal fount of unconsciousness.

The goal is, to cleanse the self, by cleansing the unconsciousness.

The dynamic is to free the self from obstacles, and to lift them (the obstacles) up, to be purified into the constructive energy of forgiveness and compassion. Open up the self-senses to the others’ senses (to be “in” in order to be “with”), and filtering out the poisonousness of thoughts and emotions, and to let the purity and the sacred thoughts and emotions to ruling the internal interior world.

The last but not the least is to celebrate with gratitude acts, to bring up together all the sacred energies as the life forces to the entire inner-world. Generating healing forces within then igniting the clarity of mind, the purity of heart, and the energy in the body.

All of these dynamics bring the psychological, emotional, and spiritual hunger into balance, and bring into self, the sense of vitality, motivation, and commitment to continue the journey through even further… which then welcoming and embracing the abundant blessings.

DR. Kusnadi, Notable Life Counseling Services, LLC

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Coping with depressed mood

It is time.
You have suffered long enough.
It is time to come into the warmth and light of love.
You know who you are now.
Abide in the warmth.
Let the light of love grows richer, meaningful, and more joyous.
It is time to believe in that there is magic everywhere.
The magic is happening at every corner of life.
The most matter is, to keep eyes and heart open wide enough.
Learn to believe, learn to unlearn the thoughts that you are broken and incapable.
You need to notice and to accept, that you are an extraordinary and complete person.
You have both strengths and weeknesses.
Yes now is time, to write a “gratitude” list; to watch your list grow, and choose to focus on is what grows.
You have purpose. You matter. You are loved.

DR. Kusnadi, Notable Life Counseling Services, LLC

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