Student Coaching Program

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Why we need coaching?

We live in the area of globalization. Definitely study abroad is to prepare your children to live globally, to interconnect with people from other countries and cultures. Based on my research and experiences talking with many parents who have sent their children to study aboard, I can highlight very positive reasons why they want to send their children to study overseas.

Facts Study Abroad:

Research says, nearly 75 to 87% of Asian parents said that they are willing to fund their children to study abroad. It is very understandable because parents want their children to be well equipped, more marketable, and ready for a global competition. Nowadays, overseas education is not just only for privileged families because most families now want foreign degrees for their children. This pattern happens mostly in every developing countries in Asia. Parents believe their children will learn life skills from other countries and cultures that will benefit their children in the future. It is a fact that most parents want their children to do better than themselves and they see education as the only means of ensuring this hope. It is so powerful love, wishes, and dream.

In order to achieve those high expectations study abroad needs to be done correctly. Preparation for the children needs to be more integrative. Parents need to seriously consider also the holistic approach to support their children  psychologically and spiritually, which can only be done by well trained professional and trustworthy.

Intuitively, parents already sense of these needs because most of them will have the same thoughts and feelings by saying: “I want to send my children to study abroad but I have fears and worries. How can I be sure there is a right person to be asked guidance and advises when my children are in difficulties or challenges situation? Who is the trustworthy and well trained professional who is able to understand from the perspective where our children come from? A professional that can assist our children to cope and to heal their psychological burdens, pressures, distress, and wounds? Who is the one who is expert in this field?  The one where our children are able to turn to because the reality of study abroad can be a shock culture and challenging?”

The answer is: We have Doctor Kusnadi here to help you and your children. He grew up in Indonesia and now living in the United States for more than 15 years. He has experiences for more than 30 years as spiritual director and life coaching, and he is also a Ph.D., Licensed Certified Counselor in the United States. With his background Doctor Kusnadi will be able to understand your children better about the challenging living in the foreign countries. His coaching program can help your children to achieve their goals, to fulfill hope, wishes, and dreams. You can have more peace in mind because you have trustworthy Doctor and professionally experience in this field.

Your children will learn to take advantage of the valuable positive aspects of studying abroad, as well as compensate for difficult challenges, so that your children can accomplish greater and brighter future more than only academically, which lead them the life they want healthier and happier.

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  • If you are unsure and/or wonder how this couching program works for you, don’t let fear keep you from getting the facts that you need help or support. Schedule a free 15 minutes couching session today so you can make an informed decision about what is right for you.