Break the circle of “mediocre”

When we believe we can do something, we implicitly tap into our brain’s resources. We will charge all our internal resources to find a way to support that belief. Therefore the impossible becomes possible. Only when we strongly believe something is impossible will we automatically not even try thinking of a way. We shut out the possibility altogether.

The challenge is that we have been growing up and continuing to live in so many ways under certain circumstances. Somehow we already have a certain way of thinking (i.e., dogmas, teachings, subcultures, even painful or traumatic experiences, etc., which become our Map of Reality). We don’t see the other possibilities because we already have the most relevant things. We are so comfortable with those belief systems.

Unfortunately, many people have never learned or never have guidance on how to direct and re-program the limiting patterns they run. They are not in charge of their brains. Instead, their brains take charge of them. They let their brains go on ‘auto-pilot,’ running average programs that keep limiting their performance. As a result, they will always feel that they can never do things better than they have done. They simply believe it is not within their control or ability.

This is the right time when we all are waiting for the coming year 2021 to reflect on our lives and ask these questions solemnly: “What challenges from the past can you celebrate overcoming? How has life taught you to grow right now? Have you been avoiding out of fear, and how does fear dictate your daily decisions and actions? Which challenges from the past that you want to celebrate overcoming? What new patterns and habits can you invite into your life?”

When we know the need to seek help, then seek humbly. The path is guiding. Our part is to encompass the calling within. Our capabilities are always more than our own thoughts. There are always more possibilities in front of us than we firmly believe in.
DR. Kusnadi

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