Smoking Cessation Program


By combining “Psychotherapy with the cutting-edge technology of Hypnotherapy,” we can offer program sessions that tackle both the addiction and the trigger points to prevent relapse. Our expert, Doctor Kusnadi, is there throughout the program to help you navigate the emotional and physical impact of stopping smoking.

Quitting smoking is one of the most important decisions you will ever make regarding your health and well-being. The simple fact that you are here reading this document shows that you desire to quit.

In fact, our unique Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy techniques make it so easy that after only a couple of sessions, you’ll leave a happy non-smoker – not feeling deprived, not feeling that you’ve made a sacrifice, and not feeling any pain. Instead, you’ll have a huge sense of relief and elation that you have finally achieved what all smokers long to achieve: being a happy non-smoker.

When smokers try to stop with other methods, they can suffer misery and depression caused by the feeling that they are deprived of a pleasure or a crutch. The beauty of this integrated Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy techniques, and the way Doctor Kusnadi uses them, is that it removes this feeling of deprivation. It removes the need and the desire to smoke. You won’t need useless aids, gimmicks, or substitutes. No nicotine gums or patches. No needles, No inhalers, or nasal sprays. All you have to do with this program is sit back in a nice comfortable chair and relax. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Be the change you wish to see in the world -Gandhi.

What makes this program effective?

This program will support your conscious decision to quit by working with your subconsciousness. It is because smoking is not a logical, rational conscious act. It’s a learned habitual response to stress and nicotine. When you read this message, you know that inside, you yearn to ask for help for yourself and/or family, or friends, and yet struggle to manage. You can’t undo your old habit only with reasons because you need to reprogram your mind and unlearn the old habit.

Here is the good news:

(1) You already have a willingness to stop smoking. It is a good start; (2) Our expert, Doctor Kusnadi, will make the process of quitting smoking easier by reprogramming your mind and teaching specific ways to undo your old programming and to build new healthier habits; and (3) through Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy process, you will be able to cope better with your depression and anxiety because you will learn new positive ways of thinking process in response to daily life pressures.

Doctor Kusnadi will help you with the safest, fastest, and statistically proven effective way to stop smoking.

Besides offering a traditional on-site office Smoking Cessation program, he also offers online sessions (i.e., Skype or Phone Counseling) for your ease and convenience. Contact your insurance company to see if these are covered. This online program is an excellent option for state and international clients. Click here to schedule your online session.

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