Our thought has power to create a reality. When a baby learned to speak by calling “mom” then the world of a woman, which from her womb the baby born, was changed. When she heard her baby, mumbling, called her “mom,” then she could feel the tearful vibration within as a truly mother.

Everything we perceive in the surroundings world has its origin in the invisible, inner world of our thoughts and beliefs (subconsciousness). The thoughts come and trigger our emotions; the emotions then continuously shape and justify our belief system. 

It is the reason why we need to master of our destiny. At least, we need to learn to mindfully recognize our dominant, habitual thoughts, and to purify those. By doing so, we will be able to tap into our inner life and to transform from within. We will be able to touch the truth within and hopefully can invoke the miracle of daily life. 

At the end of the journey of thoughts identification and transformation, we continuously will understand we are closer to the Source of Sacred Mind,  Single Source of Power, God’s mind and desire. That is the reason, this blog named with UNCONDITIONAL THOUGHTS.

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