The Protective Mind: Anxiety

Our mind is amazing! The mind is a demanding worry machine. It always wants to protect itself no matter what. Its perfectionist characteristic makes it do a superb job of being a perfect reminder of so many things.

The downside is that the mind never stops looking for problems to protect and cannot be turned off often. It always looks out for you, even when it seems to work against you. Sometimes you can portray the mind as an overbearing, overprotective, and anxious parent who is forever monitoring and meddling but means well (i.e., your safety).

Often, the mind possesses you with worry and fear and then calls to action, which frequently triggers maladaptive thoughts and self-defeating actions. Truly, the mind wants to help you achieve things, but precisely the opposite of what you desire. That is also why the mind floods you with the never-ending stream of thoughts, feelings, and impulse behaviors.

It would be best to remember that the mind acts like a magnet with its poles reversed. It attracts what you hope to avoid and repels what you desire. Hence the mind must follow certain rules, like putting your safety and survival above all else, avoiding danger, and ensuring that your needs are met for “the moment.” Remember, what the mind does is always from the standpoint of safety and survival.

Therefore, being “in the moment” is essential here. If you want to tame your own mind, you need to give the mind a concrete assurance that you are safe and secure now. The ability to be in the present becomes powerful here. Action at the moment is more powerful than many promises.

Now, let this all sink in for a moment. Just for this moment, come back to harmony. Just fill yourself breathing in and fill yourself breathing out. With each breath you inhale and exhale, you feel more and more comfortable, safe, and secure. You are accepted, forgiven, and loved.

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