22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: the reborn awareness to the unified field of consciousness, 10th way


The wind is gusting through the branches of the trees. Its dense body dashes mine and the surrounds, captivated heart and fascinated senses. Long for no more, to foretaste the enigmatic consciousness afternoon. My absorbing is that the joy of being, emanates from the formless. Enthralled by my own consciousness, which whooshing, adores a shapeless gusty wind. I then comprehending that the awareness of “the brain” and “the heart” is in me. Human mind and heart is a vast mirror of the universe. It is only through clear mind and heart the cosmos is becoming aware of itself. Ultimately I get to the point of going beyond my ordinary thoughts and emotions. I transcend to the reborn awareness, incredibly enter into  the unified field of consciousness where I have no mantra and nor thoughts or emotions. All blending into oneness. I say this is a bliss that captures all of my senses of being, a glimpse of heaven is in me. I then write a title for this treasured experience: “for the love of God”

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From rest to liberation from slavery, 9th way

The sun bursts his total energy. The trees bent forward. Grass’ leaves folding. Thirsty genthilang rests singing and dipping her cucak in soothing food. I quiet my body to sphere little more oxygen. Everything begins and continues… insufficient at first in the middle day, is to extend further joy and aliveness. It is the moment to collaborate a tranquil heart and mind. A thin skin of wind infuses to live modest, no greediness. Over… The sun now begins conserving and gentler… Resting is the starting point to embrace a sense of liberation from slavery of mind and things…

Once we embark on a spiritual and psychological path, we, as seekers, may discover a previously expected and unexpected realm of subtle, psychic reality. I describe the spiritual path as a journey of return to our original home. We encounter safe and unsafe landscapes. Sometime we need to hike the hill or mountain, and sometimes we need to go down to the valley. We need to pause and take a break to get some rest. There are times on the journey when patience can be worn out. The journey just seems too long, and we are unable to see the end of it.

This journey began in our mother’s womb. It is not a journey that takes place in geographical space or calendar time. The most challenging part is that we are unable to see the horizon in front of us because our inner eye and heart is not ready to see it. Our sight is not clear. We may see through the layers of our perceptions, preconception, belief; or we may misunderstand the concept of the journey.

Many times our spirit is lifted up when we see the horizon ahead (i.e., hope); but as we walk toward the horizon, it seems to stay at the same distance ahead of us. As we journey through the process, we come to realize the truth is that the horizon is not something to be held. The process is a journey of accomplishment, not only success. The journey of life consists of internal and external conflicts as well as joy and harmony, which lead to the wholeness of life.

The most important thing is, regularly we need to lie down on the sand, resting a moment, listening to the whisper of the wind, sensing the touch of the sun, or watching the clouds float across the sky… We talk to our body and muscles. We listen to them and let them have a moment to heal… We rest between the movements of breathing in and out… We rest from the moment of wanting to be perfect parents to the moment when we let go the perfection. We just sit and enjoy the gladness and sweetness of the surrounding, such as your colleague, friend, partner, companion, wife, husband, and children without any expectation and demand. We need to rest from “greed,” which manifested signs of unhealthy, compulsiveness, and inproportional attachment to certain ideas, beliefs, dogmas, or things.

Rest is about the work of inner soul and we let it happens. We need rest from fear and anxiety. If we are able to rest for fifteen to thirty minutes a day, we will appreciate the meaning of doing it. We need to liberate our soul from the strain of overwork, which is mind-slavery or self-slavery. No further justification about the benefits of doing work at that moment. We just rest in the most harmonious way.

Significant clarification: Rest is not a matter of sleeping or not doing anything (i.e., idleness, laziness, and mission-less) because rest is an active way of attaining liberation and transformation, which brings a sense of gladness, joy, happiness, and growth in personal life and others. The unthinkable part is, rest transports us closer to our noble mission and destination of life.

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: Creating together, 8th way

Above me there are lines and textures dark cloud merging with the blue sky; below me there are immense vapors from the falling water ascending high offering soul freedom; on the right side there are coconut trees standing tall moved their leaves by the wind and proud to be theirs; on the left side there is a crowd of unidentified trees and bushes peacefully hiding. The presence penetrates all livings. I smell the fragrance of prayers from grasses and the paddies; I hear the humble stream and falling water, bowing down to the motherland, chirping birds, and rooster’s brag from a distant express morning thankfulness. All are dancing, praying, working, and playing… The presence flows in the mind and heart choreographing joy and aliveness and composing new awareness. Thy pure heart blesses and transforms life stories…

Becoming an artist of life, we are called to follow the thread of what we ache for into a richer and deeper life. This kind of life offers to us the noblest ways to enrich and to cultivate our soul and others’ because all based on our love and passion to the world. We do this personal calling together with others who are called and passionate to; we believe that the universe will always align to the positive mission… The nature of the universe wants us to be happy. If they (i.e., God and creations) are having a hard time supporting us in our efforts to do the noblest mission of life, then we need to enhance our communication with them… We need to relearn our ways. We need to know more about them… We need to align our senses, as well as to purify our thoughts… and then cultivate the creative energies from every emotion we have…

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: Embrace, hold, and release, 7th way

The paddies in the field, bowing to the heavenly Father, saying: “I’m ready to relearn…” The sun burns, invites every face to shelter under shadows from motherlands. Cool senses were born from the dark spaces and the breezy wind, lined with serenity. The journey of mind and heart reaches the shore of solitude at the time it is capable to recognize the simple unseen moment of truth, especially ignored shadows; continues to go beyond facts and rationale, and faithfully examine beliefs. No worries. No chase after… No force. We stay open and more creative and flexible. Exercising adventurous spirit… Recognizing and then shortly let go off the knowledge of how to recognize…  and to relearn…

Pick a short story about something that happened to you in the past week. Sit for a moment and let silence embraces your soul. Allowing your mind floats and starts observing the movement of your breathing. Let any incident comes to your mind for couple minutes, and you then enjoying the moment. Afterward, it is a time for you to write, to sing, to paint, to compose, or to do whatever you can, in order to journal all the incidents that have appeared in your mind before. Identifying the connection between each incident with these words: Embrace, Hold, and Release. Connect those words with specific thoughts and emotions of the incident as you create… Just describe or portray what happened… Just Be… Just Flow… Just Blow… and Just Bow!

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From defensive to expansive, 6th way

Wind and light need no defense. They flow and happen. Personal ego dissolve completely as someone seeing him/her self in the mirror of silent. The energies used to be for protecting ego-defenses now are invested to arising the new enlightened consciousness. A vortex for consciousness builds and accelerates when one’s purpose of life meets with the calling of the universe, which we often call as God’s love, Good News, The Society of Loving and Forgiving…

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From chronological facts to kairos, 5th way

Morning, just after sunrise, one reddish corolla opens its petals. As the mostly vulnerable creatures strew petal by petal the flowers of their heart, the minds discover the deep joy and hope. O… it’s a such memorable, presentable, and future-able event because the fragrance still stays infinitely, even when the wind blows them away. The fragrance floats then blushed crimson with enjoyment of life…

Chronology is concrete. It is a human attempt to systemize the order of God’s creation and measures time in an orderly fashion. Through chronology, by making plan, we can create schedule, work on our achievement, and reach our goals effectively. We could remember the past and plan the future. It is really valuable in our hands if we use it well. Chronology is determined by flesh.

Kairos is a Greek word. It is abstract. It is different from chronology. It refers to the appointed time. It is the right time, the fullness of time, the time of opportunity for action, or change. In spirituality it is to describe the qualitative form of time. Sometime we said, “Oh, this is my day! I got IT! This is IT!” for the things that happen unexpectedly and we love to have it.

The tragedy of being ignorant of our Kairos is that when it is over, it is over. Probably one of our windows of destiny that was offered would be close. The river will never be in the same place twice. The Kairos moment may never return again! Have you ever watched the movie “Sliding Door?” It is about small event that probably can change your life!

It seems, many times we get more caught up with chronology time and we really seldom discern the Kairos moment.

We tend to be unconscious of our Kairos moments, having no idea when our time arrives, or our time to change begins. Having no ideas of how blessed we are as human—as the ones who have so many blessings!

We tend to be unconscious to touch, to connect to our inner-movement. We are unaware of our time of tasting the love around! That God, The Ultimate Power had and has been touching us at every single moment and every single event personally; at the time we wake up in the morning until the time we close our eyes at night, and even when we are in our deep sleep.

How far have you prepared for your personal Kairos!

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From coercion to cohesion, 4th way

Silence is so tender… laid your soul in the sponge of the universe. The smell of rice plant, the sound of chirping birds, and the stream from the distance help to give up ego-defenses then merging with the fragrance of flowers and leaves. Silence is tender, strong, and gentle. It is active accepting and passive embracing. Silence is a dynamic space from mind and heart that wants to learn to unlearn, to unleash spontaneity and creativity. In silence the true self shines and transforms coercion thoughts to cohesion mind. No more dichotomy. Mind and heart fuse, and both make love with determiners of senses…

Coercion is an action base on force and authorities, which strongly dominate one’s will in his/her responses to external stimuli. The fascinating part is, although people by nature know that they are free, supreme, and sovereign, but still daily, they more likely subconsciously surrender to various forms of coercion. Somehow, in coercion thoughts, one tries hard to deny his/her freedom, self-ownership, and sovereignty, and becomes submissive. Whereas cohesion is the meeting of two subjects based on attracted chemistry and both agreed and allow the interaction of each other. In the dynamic of cohesion, both are loved, embraced, and freed; both are in the dynamic relationship of learning and leaning to one another.

How to move from coercion to cohesion?

Become aware of your thoughts. Explore your attitudes toward self and the closest one. Explore your ideas and core beliefs. Notice if you have any punitive beliefs toward self and others. Furthermore, it is indicated by habit to treat very hard and rigid toward self… Dogmatic beliefs… Beliefs you hold on to rather than beliefs that were born from your inner longing.

Beliefs that resist growth in loving self and others deeper… Notice if you have cynical ideas that say nothing will change anyway… because “I have to… I must to… I have no choice…”

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From impasse to insight, 3rd way

A flag of proud-self wave in the wind and is curling into a delicate arched form. I then imagine how strong it is at the time breaking on the shore. Then, I am amazed with the sight how the morning light is capable to unsettle the hard-stone mind and heart. Warmth, gentle, genuine, and sprightly mind touches and penetrates the curling delicate waves. The proud self is softened and delighted for sure, waiting the moment for how the breaking self into sprinkle is not the lost but the transformation and illumination. Each sprinkle will always nourish and reassure the holy seeds in each individual to grow to become a better generation…

Become aware of your breathing… Become aware of your natural breathing… Pause… Awareness of breathing… Pause… Awareness the GAP/STOP point between breathing in and out… Now develop awareness of your physical existence… aware of your arms and legs and your body lying stretched out on the floor. Continue with your awareness of breathing… Every time you aware with the GAP/STOP point you fill your imagination with the wave that is breaking on the shore… that each sprinkle splashes and gives life… Delicate wave… proud-self wave… Continue this contemplation for a couple of minutes…

With your awareness of the delicateness of proud-self, you learn the reborn energy that gives life for many… the possibility that things could be better struggle is born… creativity emerges… and the visionary of breaking proud-wave awakes and frees the self…

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: Starting from gratitude mind, 2nd way

Come oh Mighty… Splendor desire mindfully learns to thankful at the very first breathe of the day. Graciously trust in the spirit of morning, I then partake the rhythm of nature and contemplate an ultimate determination. Divine Sun positively illuminates a soul with gracious mind and heart. All matters should be no regret and all things work together for its good. A sacred assertion of “God, you alone suffice,” illumines the acknowledgment of who I want to become and where I want to go.

Why do we start the day with a gratitude mind?

It is because we don’t want to lose our change to be happy. Gratitude is a daily given opportunity. Gratitude flows from God’s generosity, which cannot be limited with our thoughts and feelings. It is a revered blessing from the universe. Only “mind” that attunes to the possibilities to be happy from the small things, does not want to lose a change to have gratitude. With gratitude mind, we believe in the presence of the abundance.

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: Alignment with precious memories, 1st way

After heavy rain, my passion awoke at the brink of afternoon Light…   My vision surprised by the beauty so bright in the memory. Time stands still. Tantalize me… Fervor my spirit… Such tender eyes and smooth skin… Such soft and vibrant sincere smile… The beauty that flows from precious heart awake me in every fashion… Is it a precious heart that completely has captured me on first take? So smooth…   Enrich soul, empower heart, and drive the passion… Unspoken word…

The first step to embrace a sense of wholeness and freedom is: Entering the knowingness that your soul actually has many beautiful gardens.

Pick one of the sweetest memory and mindfully acknowledge that memory. Re-visiting the positive feelings which arise along with that memory. You notice how your felt, what you believed about yourself… This memory had been pressed down to the very bottom of your psyche because of your fear to possibly awake the pain when you remember it. Your work at this moment is to give permission to nourish who you were and are; to send compassion back into that scene; compassion and love for yourself. You start the journey to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom from the most beautiful and precious parts of your life. By doing so, you have gained the gift of the past and be grounded in the present positively.

You live in new and different ways, where grace from Universe, or, God, always belong to you and you acknowledge it wholeheartedly.

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.