Employee, F, 58

I have been seeing Dr. Rony for a few months now. Since I have been going to see him, my thought process has improved, my level of anger has decreased and myself- esteem has increased. He seems to always be able to “boost” me up when I am down and has taught me how to change my thinking and thoughts from negativity to positive.

Student, M, 20

Before meeting with Dr. Kusnadi, I was unable to gather the energy and focus to perform simple daily tasks. In just under one month of treatment, I’m branching out and rediscovering my passion for life. Without the help of Dr. Kusnadi, I believe that I would not have made anywhere near the progress that I have made in such a short time.

Employee, M, 21

Before meeting with Dr. Ku, I was always getting super stressed out over the littlest things and would let my emotions and anger get the best of me. After seeing him for a little over a month now, I’ve noticed a huge change in my life and the way I react to certain situations. I’m rediscovering who I am as a person and it feels so good. I’m still learning so much but am incredibly thankful for Dr. Ku and all of his efforts to help. He continues to blow my mind with new ways of thinking and planning every session

Employee, M, 25

After 4 sessions with Dr. Kusnadi,  I feel like I am starting to make a turn in the right direction. I am using my hands more again, I’m building and working with them. I feel good doing it, I’ve worked on a couple projects this week. I started to exercise again, and I feel good for it. I think I’m making progress in the right direction, and I think this will help me get through my anxiety and depression.

Employee, F, 54

Thank you Dr. Ku for your insightful help and guidance in my life, when I was living in a state of emotional depletion and depression from family situation and responsibilities. Physically exhausted and mentally burned out, I had no desire to continue living a fulfilled life. That’s when Dr. Ku with his passionate and gentle approach guided me. His holistic approach dictate from his personal belief and commitment to help and guide me to go deeper inside and find the Light and be whole again. Today, I am doing and walking the vision of my happy, healthy and abundance fulfilled life.

Student, M, 20

“Before joining this program, I was a very negative person. I always worry that negative things will happen to me, I hardly believe that positive things will happen to me. This made me a very stressful and sad person. However, after joining this program, I started to experience some changes. I was able to let go of some of my negative thoughts, I started to believe that positive things will happen to me. Therefore, I became less stressful and happier. Overall, I think that this program has been helpful to me. After every session, I always felt more calm and relaxed. I was happy that I decided to join this program in the first place.”

Employee, M, 35

“This program really helped me to get down to the bottom of the issues I’ve been facing for years. Rather than trying to rehash work I’ve already done, we dove deep from the first session”

Employee, M, 27

“I really enjoyed last night’s session. I know now that there is hope, I’m glad that you’ve understood me so quickly and again I’m glad that we’re working holistically. I’m looking forward to seeing how much I’m going to achieve”

Employee, M,30

“Thank you very much for all that information, I feel a thousand times better! I cannot tell you how much better this has just made me feel. I am so glad to know you, your care makes such a difference”

Father, 30

“I am absolutely astounded in the change in my son’s behavior since you began coaching him just 2 weeks ago. It’s truly amazing! He is able to have better sleep and less anxious. I was impossible before to expect my son taking initiative to pursue his life goals without pushing him hard because he was worry to much making mistakes. Now he becomes more proactive and I see him happier. He is able to develop positive daily routine habit and learn to commit with that. He is willing to wake up in the morning to do exercise and to plan his activities a night before”