“Waves” to Surrender

The rhythm of the ocean invites you in
like a new love
Relaxing in its cradling arms
You feel whole and at peace
Taking in the sky
But the waves sometimes catch you off guard
Coming one after the next
Forcing you to go under again and again
Struggling to catch your breath
Swept off your feet
Thrown against the ocean floor
Sand scraping skin
You gasp for air when the next wave pushes you down again
As soon as you come up for air you see the next wave about to crash on your head
Over and over
Ready to surrender
Ready to give in
you eventually drag yourself out
Depleted of all energy
Muscles weak and aching from lack of oxygen and the energy it took to pull yourself out
You have nothing left
Body shaking
You must rest and catch your breath
It will take time to feel right again
You will think twice before you trust the ocean again
But that doesn’t matter right now
You’re too tired

-By LMcN

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