Becoming an author the heart’s desire paths

Happy Thanksgiving Day! 🙂

Mindfulness is the process of thought that consciously bringing awareness to your here-and-now experience.

This process is happening when the mind merges with the heart, making a person has the capacity to have openness, interest, and receptiveness. Surprisingly with a humble process, one can live in the present moment. Because “mind with heart” makes it possible to experience the surroundings, clarity to engage fully with all senses, and detect what the automatic thoughts say.

Rather than getting lost in the moment, one can reprocess the dilemmas without dismissing them and then making a clearer decision to do or respond. Rather than controlling the feeling, one has the capacity to let the feelings be as they are, without judging.

Through this process, the most painful thoughts, feelings/emotions that unbearable remain neutral. Then, the “mind with heart” can observe and explore, then learn to accept and forgive. In this way, a desirable path that one doesn’t necessarily expect or necessarily see at that moment will arrive amazingly.

The transformation is happening daily in big and small ways. The suffering becomes the path of transformation to be better than experienced as bitter emotional control that needs to be avoided or fought. Destructiveness thoughts become the creative thoughts that create the heart’s desire paths.

DR. Kusnadi

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