Merry Christmas: Becoming the splendid possible person

The greatness of becoming a mindful person is acknowledging things that have been given and, with creative imagination, can make the most out of them. The question of “what can I do the most and the best?” becomes compelling to start a wondrous inner journey. Then, with hopeful imagination, one needs to answer this further question: “How to be the splendid possible person?”

Certainly, through this thinking process, one can allow the self to scroll more life direction from the “sacred book” that already alive within. The amazing part is the brain will respond to those questions with excitement and determination. Obviously, the brain tells the heart that “life is too short to be little, it is time to adventure to the best possible.” As a result, with each breath you inhale and exhale, you can articulate those answers in very concrete, simple, daily living joyous ways.

The living wisdom then tells that manhood is not something given to you, but you need to gain. You gain it every day by embracing your own shadows and bring them to the light, exults with respect and love. Your future well-being is in your own hands. The present is where you determine whether or not your future will be happy and joyfully alive.

“Thousands of stars in the night sky glittering. The shepherds sing and dance. Then the air falls to a sudden. They see one falling star. As the wilderness calm and full of wonders, the shepherds’ hearts exults, blaze in all glory. Without too much thinking, they are following the falling star that already awakens their inner guidance to journey to the path to meet the King.”

Merry Christmas!!!
DR. Kusnadi

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