Coping with depressed mood

It is time.
You have suffered long enough.
It is time to come into the warmth and light of love.
You know who you are now.
Abide in the warmth.
Let the light of love grows richer, meaningful, and more joyous.
It is time to believe that there is magic everywhere.
The magic is happening in every corner of life.
The most matter is to keep eyes and heart open wide enough.
Learn to believe, learn to unlearn the thoughts that you are broken and incapable.
You need to notice and to accept that you are an extraordinary and complete person.
You have both strengths and weaknesses.
Yes, now is time to write a “gratitude” list; to watch your list grow, and choose to focus on is what grows.
You have a purpose. You matter. You are loved.

DR. Kusnadi, Notable Life Counseling Services, LLC

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