Mantra for transformation


Relax, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Every breath helps you to sink more deeply into a quiet place inside yourself. This is the source of sacred-tranquility. Now you can gently and passionately recite this mantra:

“I will discover a new image of myself that I have been longing for so long. My awareness tells me that I am indeed apart of this universe. I experience calm and healing. I trust myself more and more confident. I gently follow the inner guidance as I feel strong and courageous.

In a moment, I find out that I carry a sense of knowingness with me into the world. Amazingly, I can envision myself having more trust to be more focused within and surrender at the same time. I begin to experience that my world is nourishing to myself and others.

I discover what I have created on the outside actually is much more beautiful and wonderful than I have ever thought because of this remarkable passion. My commitment to the universe is winsome.” Amen.

DR. Rony Kusnadi
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

verified by Psychology Today

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