It is your mind that creates the world.
The Buddha

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.
David Carradine

If you hear a voice within you saying, ‘you are not a painter,’
then, by all means, paint … and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent van Gogh

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The Magical Process of Becoming

The total of our being (i.e., existence) is like the seed of a plant or a tree. Things that happen throughout the days are the rain of fertilizer that grows the twigs, leaves, flowers, and fruits. The fruits then bear seeds.

The most potent and remarkable fact is that even though we think about our being with the dichotomy thinking process (dividing one whole idea, thought, or concept into two separate and unrelated ideas), the actual happening is inseparable.

The process of becoming has no duality. In the fruits, there are seeds. Even though unseen, the seeds produce roots, stalks, and so on.

With particular and enough freedom, all of them grow plenty and lavishness. There is an abundance of continuity and discontinuity processes that is beyond discussion. It is abundant because the whole process is not void in time. The past and present together are welcoming and embracing the future. The total being is happening in one miraculous unfolding of life.

There is a reason why we need to just reflect on when the time has come. The total being manifests before us in real-time, causes and circumstances. All the happening always matters and has hidden and magical untold purpose and meaning.

DR. Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D., LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

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Mantra for transformation

Relax, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Every breath helps you to sink more deeply into a quiet place inside yourself. This is the source of sacred tranquility. Now you can gently and passionately recite this mantra:

“I will discover a new image of myself that I have long longed for. My awareness tells me that I am indeed a part of this universe. I experience calm and healing. I trust myself more and more confident. I gently follow the inner guidance as I feel strong and courageous.

In a moment, I find out that I carry a sense of knowingness into the world. Amazingly, I can envision myself having more trust to be more focused within and surrender simultaneously. I begin to experience that my world is nourishing to myself and others.

I discover what I have created on the outside is much more beautiful and wonderful than I have ever thought because of this remarkable passion. My commitment to the universe is winsome.” Amen.

DR. Rony Kusnadi
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

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