Walking across the “sacred high” bridge

Every kind of life has pain or problems. That is the reason why the ability to find a quality of presence is kind of a must. By learning to breathe mindfully, the mind and heart are naturally open to the moment, then to see, feel, and find the truth concealed in it. A greater unity within then happens surprisingly. As the mind with heart continues to pay attention closer to the happenings, the subconscious mind will be honest to the self — articulately speak the truth within.

The amazing part is when the mind with heart notices that things that used to be stressful are less and less stressful. The healing process is then happening….  walking across the “sacred high” bridge to be in the “Otherness” becomes the honest, humble articulation from the simultaneous deep desire within for becoming. Because the joy within is excessive, then wouldn’t want to enjoy it alone but wants to tell everyone about this majestic experience. Let this all sink in for a moment… Just be in the moment… to rejoice and to praise.

DR. Kusnadi.

verified by Psychology Today

 verified by GoodTherapy.org

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