22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: Embrace, hold, and release, 7th way

The paddies in the field, bowing to the heavenly Father, saying: “I’m ready to relearn…” The sun burns, invites every face to shelter under shadows from motherlands. Cool senses were born from the dark spaces and the breezy wind, lined with serenity. The journey of mind and heart reaches the shore of solitude at the time it is capable to recognize the simple unseen moment of truth, especially ignored shadows; continues to go beyond facts and rationale, and faithfully examine beliefs. No worries. No chase after… No force. We stay open and more creative and flexible. Exercising adventurous spirit… Recognizing and then shortly let go off the knowledge of how to recognize…  and to relearn…

Pick a short story about something that happened to you in the past week. Sit for a moment and let silence embraces your soul. Allowing your mind floats and starts observing the movement of your breathing. Let any incident comes to your mind for couple minutes, and you then enjoying the moment. Afterward, it is a time for you to write, to sing, to paint, to compose, or to do whatever you can, in order to journal all the incidents that have appeared in your mind before. Identifying the connection between each incident with these words: Embrace, Hold, and Release. Connect those words with specific thoughts and emotions of the incident as you create… Just describe or portray what happened… Just Be… Just Flow… Just Blow… and Just Bow!

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

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