22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From impasse to insight, 3rd way

A flag of proud self waves in the wind and is curling into a delicate arched form. I then imagine how strong it is when breaking on the shore. Then, I am amazed by the sight of how the morning light can unsettle the hard-stone mind and heart. Warmth, gentle, genuine, and sprightly mind touches and penetrates the delicate curling waves. The proud self is softened and delighted, waiting for the moment for how the breaking self into sprinkle is not the loss but the transformation and illumination. Each sprinkle will always nourish and reassure the holy seeds in each individual to grow to become a better generation…

Become aware of your breathing… Become aware of your natural breathing… Pause… Awareness of breathing… Pause… Awareness of the GAP/STOP point between breathing in and out… Now develop an awareness of your physical existence… aware of your arms and legs and your body lying on the floor. Continue with your awareness of breathing… Whenever you know the GAP/STOP point, you fill your imagination with the wave breaking on the shore… that each sprinkles splash and gives life… Delicate wave… proud-self wave… Continue this contemplation for a couple of minutes…

With your awareness of the delicateness of the proud self, you learn the reborn energy that gives life to many… the possibility that things could better struggle is born… creativity emerges… and the visionary of breaking the proud wave awakes and frees the self…

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

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