22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From rest to liberation from slavery, 9th way

The sun bursts his total energy. The trees bent forward. Grass’ leaves folding. Thirsty genthilang rests singing and dipping her cucak in soothing food. I quiet my body to sphere little more oxygen. Everything begins and continues… insufficient at first in the middle day, is to extend further joy and aliveness. It is the moment to collaborate a tranquil heart and mind. A thin skin of wind infuses to live modest, no greediness. Over… The sun now begins conserving and gentler… Resting is the starting point to embrace a sense of liberation from slavery of mind and things…

Once we embark on a spiritual and psychological path, we, as seekers, may discover a previously expected and unexpected realm of subtle, psychic reality. I describe the spiritual path as a journey of return to our original home. We encounter safe and unsafe landscapes. Sometime we need to hike the hill or mountain, and sometimes we need to go down to the valley. We need to pause and take a break to get some rest. There are times on the journey when patience can be worn out. The journey just seems too long, and we are unable to see the end of it.

This journey began in our mother’s womb. It is not a journey that takes place in geographical space or calendar time. The most challenging part is that we are unable to see the horizon in front of us because our inner eye and heart is not ready to see it. Our sight is not clear. We may see through the layers of our perceptions, preconception, belief; or we may misunderstand the concept of the journey.

Many times our spirit is lifted up when we see the horizon ahead (i.e., hope); but as we walk toward the horizon, it seems to stay at the same distance ahead of us. As we journey through the process, we come to realize the truth is that the horizon is not something to be held. The process is a journey of accomplishment, not only success. The journey of life consists of internal and external conflicts as well as joy and harmony, which lead to the wholeness of life.

The most important thing is, regularly we need to lie down on the sand, resting a moment, listening to the whisper of the wind, sensing the touch of the sun, or watching the clouds float across the sky… We talk to our body and muscles. We listen to them and let them have a moment to heal… We rest between the movements of breathing in and out… We rest from the moment of wanting to be perfect parents to the moment when we let go the perfection. We just sit and enjoy the gladness and sweetness of the surrounding, such as your colleague, friend, partner, companion, wife, husband, and children without any expectation and demand. We need to rest from “greed,” which manifested signs of unhealthy, compulsiveness, and inproportional attachment to certain ideas, beliefs, dogmas, or things.

Rest is about the work of inner soul and we let it happens. We need rest from fear and anxiety. If we are able to rest for fifteen to thirty minutes a day, we will appreciate the meaning of doing it. We need to liberate our soul from the strain of overwork, which is mind-slavery or self-slavery. No further justification about the benefits of doing work at that moment. We just rest in the most harmonious way.

Significant clarification: Rest is not a matter of sleeping or not doing anything (i.e., idleness, laziness, and mission-less) because rest is an active way of attaining liberation and transformation, which brings a sense of gladness, joy, happiness, and growth in personal life and others. The unthinkable part is, rest transports us closer to our noble mission and destination of life.

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

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