22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: Creating together, 8th way

Above me there are lines and textures dark cloud merging with the blue sky; below me there are immense vapors from the falling water ascending high offering soul freedom; on the right side there are coconut trees standing tall moved their leaves by the wind and proud to be theirs; on the left side there is a crowd of unidentified trees and bushes peacefully hiding. The presence penetrates all livings. I smell the fragrance of prayers from grasses and the paddies; I hear the humble stream and falling water, bowing down to the motherland, chirping birds, and rooster’s brag from a distant express morning thankfulness. All are dancing, praying, working, and playing… The presence flows in the mind and heart choreographing joy and aliveness and composing new awareness. Thy pure heart blesses and transforms life stories…

Becoming an artist of life, we are called to follow the thread of what we ache for into a richer and deeper life. This kind of life offers to us the noblest ways to enrich and to cultivate our soul and others’ because all based on our love and passion to the world. We do this personal calling together with others who are called and passionate to; we believe that the universe will always align to the positive mission… The nature of the universe wants us to be happy. If they (i.e., God and creations) are having a hard time supporting us in our efforts to do the noblest mission of life, then we need to enhance our communication with them… We need to relearn our ways. We need to know more about them… We need to align our senses, as well as to purify our thoughts… and then cultivate the creative energies from every emotion we have…

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

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