22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: Alignment with precious memories, 1st way

After heavy rain, my passion awoke at the brink of afternoon Light…   My vision surprised by the beauty so bright in the memory. Time stands still. Tantalize me… Fervor my spirit… Such tender eyes and smooth skin… Such soft and vibrant sincere smile… The beauty that flows from precious heart awake me in every fashion… Is it a precious heart that completely has captured me on first take? So smooth…   Enrich soul, empower heart, and drive the passion… Unspoken word…

The first step to embrace a sense of wholeness and freedom is: Entering the knowingness that your soul actually has many beautiful gardens.

Pick one of the sweetest memory and mindfully acknowledge that memory. Re-visiting the positive feelings which arise along with that memory. You notice how your felt, what you believed about yourself… This memory had been pressed down to the very bottom of your psyche because of your fear to possibly awake the pain when you remember it. Your work at this moment is to give permission to nourish who you were and are; to send compassion back into that scene; compassion and love for yourself. You start the journey to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom from the most beautiful and precious parts of your life. By doing so, you have gained the gift of the past and be grounded in the present positively.

You live in new and different ways, where grace from Universe, or, God, always belong to you and you acknowledge it wholeheartedly.

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

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