Mindfulness Breathing

Bringing awareness to breathing is an effective pathway to train the mind to meet unexpected situations as they arise.

The breathing creates a flowing and dynamic space, opening up any clenched or unyielding attitude. The mind is tranquil. The clarity that reigned tells the mind not to follow the incorrect judgment.

It is noteworthy to remember to return to mindful breathing repeatedly.

Asking simple questions: How fast or slow am I breathing? Be mindful of where the breathing is from and the breathing to. What feelings accompany the breathing? Paying attention to the tightness in the body and breathing from it and to it.

It takes some practice and is truly worth it. The aware breath creates the space within that liberates the soul to return to the present moment and return to harmony. The breath becomes fresh and surprisingly welcomes creative ideas of existence.


DR. Kusnadi

verified by Psychology Today

 verified by GoodTherapy.org

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