We need to take care of our mental health during this pandemic, psychiatrist says.

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t just having a public health and economic toll on the world — it threatens our mental health, too.

But there are things we can do to combat feelings of helplessness, panic, depression, and anxiety, said psychiatrist Dr. Christine Moutier on CNN’s ongoing coronavirus town hall.

Here’s one way to change your mindset:

“Think about what you have in your control and what you don’t have in your control. Those are facts. You can get your head around that and you can move towards what is actually in your control, which actually is a lot. These are the choices we can make for ourselves and our families right now.”

Suppose you want to reach out to a professional for help but are in self-isolation or home quarantine. In that case, there are telehealth options and online resources that could offer remote counseling, she added.

“It’s a time when people with a history of mental health conditions need to take extra special care of their mental health right now.”

Source: US cases keep climbing. Here are the facts