Mount of Consciousness # 03

Transforming Awareness_DoctorKu

Probably will be a brilliant activity when we have time to answer the following questions for one to three minutes each in the morning:

Who are you? I am …

Where did you come from? I came from …

Where are you going? I am going …

Why are you here? I am here …

Let emblematic images take the place of flesh-out abstract ideas. Let the images come alive so that you can touch, smell, taste, hear, see, and feel. Let yourself flows in the breath of the universe, in the sacred mind of the cosmos, and in the loving heartbeat of the Ultimate Power.

Let the compassionate “dance” between the inner outer world, and imaginations move you as you begin again and again to painting, writing, composing, moving, filming, or/and photograph.

As you start learning to unlearn ~ to empty yourself ~ you let the “melody,” the “sound,” and the “voice” of the Universe teach: to “sit,” to notice judgments, to breathe, to keep sitting, to feel the heartbeat, to communicate with the “self” and to let God in ~ giving very unique and incredible blessings.

You then affirm humbly with trust and confidence as a no-limit person before the Ultimate One. You do this because you carry the highest possible given mission for a better and greater world, with loving, respect, justice, and honor toward one another.

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