22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: the reborn awareness to the unified field of consciousness, 10th way


The wind is gusting through the branches of the trees. Its dense body dashes mine and the surroundings, captivating my heart and fascinating my senses. Long for no more to foretaste the enigmatic consciousness afternoon. My absorption is that the joy emanates from the formless. Enthralled by my consciousness, which whooshing adores a shapeless gusty wind. I then comprehended that the awareness of “the brain” and “the heart” is in me. The human mind and heart are a vast mirror of the universe. Only through a clear mind and heart is the cosmos becoming aware of itself. Ultimately I get to the point of going beyond my ordinary thoughts and emotions. I transcend to the reborn awareness, entering into the unified field of consciousness where I have no mantra, thoughts, or emotions. All blending into oneness. I say this is a bliss that captures all of my senses of being. A glimpse of heaven is in me. I then write a title for this treasured experience: “For the love of God.”