Special roses…

Special roses are for special one… Wonder how love is born… She loves the roses so do I… The lavish and memorable moments happened unnoticed. The word is not enough. The mind is not sufficient. The heart is like a valley that is filled with abundant red, pink, orange, white, yellow, and many others combined colors of happiness. When we both are seeing the sky then the sky speaks the unspoken, listens the unheard longing, embraces the bliss of hope, and all at once.

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

THE BEAUTY OF A ROSE … Is the perfect Image of God

THE COLOR OF ROSES… Is the Cosmos  joy of Creations

THE BLOOM OF THE FLOWER… It is when the gracious Heart is touched by the One

THE FRAGRANCES OF A ROSE…Is the offering of heart to Heaven

THE PETALS OF THE ROSE… Is the journey of One’s  Life

The memory of the Rose will keep the longing heart

To smell the beauty of True Love

… as all breath…

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From defensive to expansive, 6th way

Wind and light need no defense. They flow and happen. Personal ego dissolves completely as someone sees him/herself in the mirror of silence. The energies that protect ego defenses are now invested in raising the new enlightened consciousness. A vortex for consciousness builds and accelerates when one’s life purpose meets the universe’s calling, which we often call God’s love, Good News, The Society of Loving, and Forgiving…

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

Beauty is a natural mystic…

In the morning the sun rises on all, as it should be. The air, the light, and the sounds of nature fill the heart, as they were envisioned to. All earth’s creatures breathe in and out the given fresh air and they embrace the nutrition and nourishment of the universe without mistrust. The blessings are given equality with equality of worth without distinction… Only a clear and reflective mind can understand. Only an open and gratitude heart can embrace the inner truth…

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From chronological facts to kairos, 5th way

Morning, just after sunrise, one reddish corolla opens its petals. As the most vulnerable creatures strew petal by petal the flowers of their heart, their minds discover deep joy and hope. O… it’s such a memorable, presentable, and future-able event because the fragrance stays infinitely, even when the wind blows them away. The fragrance floats then blushed crimson with the enjoyment of life…

Chronology is concrete. It is a human attempt to systemize the order of God’s creation and measure time in an orderly fashion. Through a chronology, by making a plan, we can create a schedule, work on our achievements, and reach our goals effectively. We could remember the past and plan the future. It is really valuable in our hands if we use it well. Chronology is determined by the flesh.

Kairos is a Greek word. It is abstract. It is different from chronology. It refers to the appointed time. It is the right time, the fullness of time, the time of opportunity for action or change. In spirituality, it is to describe the qualitative form of time. Sometimes we say, “Oh, this is my day! I got IT! This is IT!” for unexpected things, and we love to have it.

The tragedy of being ignorant of our Kairos is that when it is over, it is over. Probably one of our windows of destiny that were offered would be closed. The river will never be in the same place twice. The Kairos moment may never return again! Have you ever watched the movie “Sliding Door?” It is about a small event that probably can change your life!

It seems, many times, we get more caught up with chronology time, and we really seldom discern the Kairos moment.

We tend to be unconscious of our Kairos moments, having no idea when our time arrives or our time to change begins. We don’t know how blessed we are as humans—as the ones with so many blessings!

We tend to be unconscious to touch and connect to our inner movement. We are unaware of our time of tasting the love around! That God, The Ultimate Power, had and has been touching us at every single moment and event personally, from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we close our eyes at night and even when we are in our deep sleep.

How far have you prepared for your personal Kairos!

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From coercion to cohesion, 4th way

Silence is so tender. Laid your soul in the sponge of the universe. The smell of rice plants, the sound of chirping birds, and the stream from the distance help to give up ego defenses, then merge with the fragrance of flowers and leaves. Silence is tender, strong, and gentle. It is active accepting and passive embracing. Silence is a dynamic space from mind and heart that wants to learn to unlearn and unleash spontaneity and creativity. In silence, the true self shines, transforming coercion thoughts into a cohesive mind. No more dichotomy. Mind and heart fuse, and both make love with determiners of senses.

Coercion is an action base on force and authority, which strongly dominate one’s will in his/her responses to external stimuli. The fascinating part is although people by nature know that they are free, supreme, and sovereign, but still daily, they more likely subconsciously surrender to various forms of coercion. Somehow, in coercion thoughts, one tries hard to deny his/her freedom, self-ownership, and sovereignty and becomes submissive. Whereas cohesion is the meeting of two subjects based on attracted chemistry, and both agree and allow the interaction of each other. In the dynamic of cohesion, both are loved, embraced, and freed; both are in the dynamic relationship of learning and learning with one another.

How to move from coercion to cohesion?

Become aware of your thoughts. Explore your attitudes toward self and the closest one. Explore your ideas and core beliefs. Notice if you have any punitive beliefs toward yourself and others. Furthermore, it is indicated by habit to treat very hard and rigid toward self… Dogmatic beliefs… Beliefs you hold on to rather than beliefs that were born from your inner longing.

Beliefs that resist growth in loving self and others deeper… Notice if you have cynical ideas that say nothing will change anyway… because “I have to… I must too… I have no choice…”

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.