Take care of what you dream…

Rawatlah apa yang anda impikan

Bukalah hati dan biarkan benih-benih surgawi tumbuh

Kemudian kumpulkan kenangan-kenangan dari langit

Pelajari bagaimana mengairi benih-benih bumi yang benar

Pahami bagaimana cara cahaya matahari memberikan energy kehidupan

Sehingga harapan-harapan hijau bisa bertumbuh kembang

— Satu hal yang perlu anda hargai setiap hari adalah

kekuatan dan kepercayaan hati

Yang diperuntukan demi kebesaran Kemanusiaan dan kemuliaan Allah

Bahwa suatu hari anda akan menuai hasil yang paling manis dari pengorbanan

Karena mimpi yang menjadi perwujudan pengharapan

akan selalu membawa kegembiraan dan kebahagiaan…

Mind, heart, and body connection… helps to heal…

With a sacred mind and heart, you are always in the new day, new strength, and new thoughts… to support yourself and the world… and to have a sacred mind and heart… at least need to take one little step, which is to honor your “actions” toward yourself, which the end of both corners are for greater humanity and God’s glory…

By random, pick one of the items nearby and then hold it in your hand. When you hold it in your hand, ask in your mind gently and confidently: “How this item has meaning for me? How precious is this item in my life?” Then, write freely about what comes to you, both your thoughts and feelings, as you hold it. Practice this step a couple times to the point you feel more contented and can connect closer to the things surrounding you. Continue to practice this exercise with your imagination.

Touch your body mindfully to the areas you like most and the areas you concern most. Give more attention to the area that you feel needs more attention (by stopping a moment) because of many reasons, such as it is in pain or wounded. Repeat this exercise a couple times. After you are accustomed to the sequences of the movement, then you start imagining touching the most vulnerable body and then holding it in your hands. Gently and confidently expressing: “How this… (Part of your body)… has meaning for me? How precious this… (Part of your body)… in my life?” Then, write freely about what comes to you, both your thoughts and feelings, as you hold it. Once you finish the writing, read it a couple of times thoroughly with the oneness of mind and heart. Say “Thank you” at the end of the exercises.

Advance the exercises by describing the body part you have chosen in the creative writings or artworks and then relate it to the other parts of your body. Describe the connection between them, such as your finger with hands, your hands with legs, your eyes with forehead, and so on… be as free and creative as you are. Furthermore, describe the body part you chose in connection with your family and ancestors. How do you feel about it and let the writing flows to where it will. At the end of the exercise, use your imagination to hold it in your hand, and with a sacred/pure mind, you offer it to the Creator of all.

Once you finish the writing, read it a couple of times thoroughly with the oneness of mind and heart. Say “Thank you” at the end of the exercises. Identify and pay attention to the needs of the body part you have chosen. Write down those needs and be specific to what you can offer to fulfill its needs. Offering those specific acts with a full sense of gratitude.

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: From rest to liberation from slavery, 9th way

The sun bursts his total energy. The trees bent forward. Grass leaves folding. Thirsty genthilang rests, singing and dipping her cucak in soothing food. I quiet my body to sphere a little more oxygen. Everything begins and continues… insufficient at first in the mid-day is to extend further joy and aliveness. It is the moment to collaborate a tranquil heart and mind. A thin skin of wind infuses to live modestly, with no greediness. Over… The sun now begins conserving and gentler… Resting is the starting point to embrace a sense of liberation from the slavery of mind and things…

Once we embark on a spiritual and psychological path, we, as seekers, may discover a previously expected and unexpected realm of subtle, psychic reality. I describe the spiritual path as a return journey to our original home. We encounter safe and unsafe landscapes. Sometimes we need to hike the hill or mountain, and sometimes we need to go down the valley. Finally, we need to pause and take a break to rest. There are times on the journey when patience can be worn out. The journey seems too long, and we cannot see the end of it.

This journey began in our mother’s womb. It is not a journey in geographical space or calendar time. The most challenging part is that we cannot see the horizon before us because our inner eye and heart are not ready to see it. Our sight is not clear. We may see through the layers of our perceptions, preconceptions, and beliefs, or we may misunderstand the journey concept.

Our spirit is often lifted when we see the horizon ahead (i.e., hope), but as we walk toward it, it seems to stay the same distance ahead. As we journey through the process, we realize that the horizon is not something to be held. The process is a journey of accomplishment, not only success. Life’s journey consists of internal and external conflicts as well as joy and harmony, which lead to the wholeness of life.

The most important thing is, regularly, we need to lie down on the sand, resting momentarily, listening to the whisper of the wind, sensing the touch of the sun, or watching the clouds float across the sky… We talk to our body and muscles. We listen to them and let them have a moment to heal… We rest between the movements of breathing in and out… We rest from the moment of wanting to be perfect parents to the moment when we let go the perfection. Finally, we just sit and enjoy the gladness and sweetness of the surroundings, such as our colleague, friend, partner, companion, wife, husband, and children, without any expectations or demands. We must rest from “greed,” which manifests signs of unhealthy compulsiveness and proportional attachment to specific ideas, beliefs, dogmas, or things.

Rest is about the work of the inner soul, and we let it happens. We need rest from fear and anxiety. If we can rest for fifteen to thirty minutes daily, we will appreciate the meaning of doing it. We must liberate our souls from overwork, mind slavery, or self-slavery. No further justification for the benefits of doing work at that moment. We just rest most harmoniously.

Significant clarification: Rest is not a matter of sleeping or not doing anything (i.e., idleness, laziness, and mission-less) because rest is an active way of attaining liberation and transformation, which brings a sense of gladness, joy, happiness, and growth in personal life and others. The unthinkable part is that the rest transports us closer to our noble mission and destination.

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: Creating together, 8th way

Above me, there are lines and textures of dark clouds merging with the blue sky; below me, there are huge vapors from the falling water ascending high, offering soul freedom; on the right side, coconut trees are standing tall, moved their leaves by the wind and proud to be theirs; on the left side, there is a crowd of unidentified trees and bushes peacefully hiding. The presence penetrates all livings. I smell the fragrance of prayers from grasses and the paddies; I hear the humble stream and falling water, bowing down to the motherland, chirping birds, and rooster’s brag from a distant express morning thankfulness. All are dancing, praying, working, and playing… The presence flows in the mind and heart, choreographing joy and aliveness and composing new awareness. Thy pure heart blesses and transforms life stories…

Becoming an artist of life, we are called to follow the thread of what we ache for into a more prosperous and deeper life. This kind of life offers us the noblest ways to enrich and cultivate our souls and others based on our love and passion for the world. We do this personal calling with others who are called and passionate; we believe the universe will always align with the positive mission… The nature of the universe wants us to be happy. If they (i.e., God and creations) are having difficulty supporting us in our efforts to do the noblest mission of life, then we need to enhance our communication with them… We need to relearn our ways. We need to know more about them… We must align our senses, purify our thoughts, and then cultivate the creative energies from every emotion we have…

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

22 Ways to embrace sense of wholeness and freedom: Embrace, hold, and release, 7th way

The paddies in the field, bowing to the heavenly Father, saying: “I’m ready to relearn….” The sun burns, inviting every face to shelter under shadows from the motherlands. Calm senses were born from the dark spaces and the breezy wind, lined with serenity. The journey of mind and heart reaches the shore of solitude when it can recognize the simple unseen moment of truth, especially ignored shadows, continues to go beyond facts and rationale, and faithfully examine beliefs. No worries. No chase after… No force. We stay open and more creative, and flexible. Exercising adventurous spirit… Recognizing and then shortly letting go of the knowledge of how to recognize…  and to relearn…

Pick a short story about something that happened to you in the past week. Sit for a moment and let silence embraces your soul. Allowing your mind floats and starts observing the movement of your breathing. Let any incident come to your mind for a few minutes, and you then enjoy the moment. Afterward, it is a time for you to write, sing, paint, compose, or do whatever you can to journal all the incidents that have appeared in your mind before. Identifying the connection between each incident with these words: Embrace, Hold, and Release. Connect those words with specific thoughts and emotions of the incident as you create… Just describe or portray what happened… Just Be… Just Flow… Just Blow… and Just Bow!

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

Reflective mind…

It is around 7 a.m. in the morning. The water is calm. It is like crystal water where I can observe the depth in me and the unfolding scenarios of life. One wisdom that stays in my heart is the belief that this is a time to embrace renewed opportunity, fresh perspective, and an overall sense of rejuvenation. As my silent mind embraces the heart… clear… crystal reflective, the serene water in front of me reveals the true colors of “stones and any others” in depth.

Calm Mountain Lake… A little frog jumps in… Plop!

Many of us seem stuck in the water of our healing process because we have become complacent and comfortable, too dependent upon things running automatically because of the belief system that leads us to do that as if we don’t have any such power to open a new chapter of life. However, when we look more closely at complacency (i.e., self-satisfaction, especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies), we often see a subtle emotional paralysis.

We allow ourselves to become caught up in our work or causes and claim to be too busy or too difficult—too impossible to get into the waters of self; at the bottom of everything is often a fear of change. To move inwardly, we must face interior conflict that we may not even be aware of initially. It means entering a paradox and letting go of the tight controls we have prescribed over our destiny, facing the denial many of us have built into our system about who we are. Some people will have a hard time getting their feet wet. Change can be agitating because it beckons us, the travelers, into new territory.

As adults, we rarely allow ourselves to notice and then enjoy simple life events, such as fully sensing the reflective water or watching a little frog jump into the calm lake in the morning. We tend to question… tend to have to know why it jumped, how it got there, what else happened, and what it all means before we feel comfortable letting the frog jump into the water. Often we lose a precious moment. We often insist on deciphering all the problematic levels of our lives before we allow ourselves to enter a healing process.

We are probably wrong if we unconsciously think that reflective water of mind seems unnecessary! We often insist on building a great kingdom on earth to be the greatest and become too busy to experience a simple precious moment to connect to ourselves and others. Thomas Merton once said that many of us waste precious time exploring the complexity of who we are and who we have been before we allow ourselves to be healed. “There are no levels,” he said. “You can break any moment through into the underlying unity of God!” Mother Teresa said, “We do no great things; we do only small things, with great love!”

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

How majestic is your name…

O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! (Psalm 8:9)

While marveling at the limitless grandeur of God, the psalmist is struck first by the smallness of human beings in creation, and then by the royal dignity and power that God has graciously bestowed upon them. The Lord God is sovereign over his creation. The creation reflects his glory because it is his handiwork. The only thing we need to do is to attune our mind and heart before God’s creations. Experiencing the Ultimate Artist touches our soul with heavenly brushes. Then we can praise… O Lord, with our heart… Our heart is steadfast, O God! I will sing praises… even our soul rejoices…

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.