Love and Hope

Let hope energy circle the universe inside and outside you

Breathe in with love
Fill the heart and mind with love
Let love energy circle the “I.”
Then, breathe out hope
Fill in the people that you know & love with hope
Just like the story in the Genesis
When God gives His breath to Adam and Eve
So they are alive and have hope
Let hope energy circles the universe inside and outside you
Because hope is a sign of being alive
We need to remember that life is Given
Always given
It is God’s energy that is living among us,
And in all creations
God’s energy guides us to become a creator of life’s meaning
So, breathe to create meaning
So, we can move toward the horizon with daily conviction
As long as we have trust and faith
That there is hope
That there is little satisfaction here and there
Because meaning can happen every moment
As the stars are everywhere, in the eternity of time
There is no end to the sky
The ‘here’ is over there
The ‘there’ is already here
We are already there because we are here
The satisfaction that is happening
Become a temporary bridge between the future and the now
Let it be
Let it be
Embrace it and seize the day
With hope and determination, with love and faith!

DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

verified by Psychology Today

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