Mantra for Self-Transformation

“My perspective is my reality. I can feel happy and see the good things in daily life if I am happy. When I am positive, I will see positivity in almost everything. I am the planner, to imagine, to fitting things into my perspectives. I am the little creator of my “little life,” so I guide myself down the path I will take. I become like the arrow to point in the direction and to go there wholeheartedly.

As I notice how different one breath to the next, I know it is the same with life. One day, one moment is different from the next — ever-changing, ever-evolving. The “there” and the “here” are happening simultaneously. They are all mysteries of life. Now, I realize that the difficulties mostly happened because my perspectives were probably too static or because I wanted to control them every moment and then subconsciously freeze them to be controlled.

I will probably be much better if I start changing my little perspectives to be more dynamic and grow every moment. The mysteries of life are not problems to solve but to be experienced instead: to learn and unlearn.”

DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

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