Inward Mindfulness

Be mindful of your breath as you slow down your respiration.

Then move your mindfulness to the center of your chest, and within, to your heart. Be aware of the quietness till you get lost. Move your mindfulness into space between the physical and the spiritual bodies wherein the heart exists as the bed of the soul. The quiet stillness in this sacred space is so unique and memorable.

Be centered for a moment. Be kind and gentle with the inward movement. You just “be.” This sacred space is your soul searching. You have left everything else behind because of this.

You become the sacredness of oneness because there are no words or visualizations or sensory stimulation needed.

You become the oneness because you become aware that all knowledge exists, all wisdom appears, all insights and guidance happen, all in all, that is.

When you desire a particular insight, all you have to do is call it forth, and all happen effortlessly.

This is the right moment to spend as much time as you desire with this heightened state of awareness. You are simply noting to yourself your own experience without expectation or preconceived ideas.

You can bring your awareness back into your physical body when you are ready.

Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC

Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

verified by Psychology Today

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