Majestic Fall

Fall means taking a deep breath.
Let nature teaches to live and pause, slowing down and gently creating within with the thought of welcoming the new beginning—Let the sun reclined above the equator, poised harmony, and making the universe ready welcome the coming transformation.

As an equal balance of light and dark, day and night and the perfect humidity create majestic colors, the heart of all creation rejoices.
As the decaying leaves spreading the best fragrance, exulting every heart and resonating the most exalted senses.
Oranges, yellows, the purple dancing with the bright red of burning bushes make the heart cannot breathe because of its richness.

Sit in, being in a field of yellow leaves warmed by the sun.
Breathe through the nose into the chest.
Hold briefly.
Let the breath fall into the upper belly.
Breathe out firmly through the mouth.
Open all senses and creating tranquility within.
DR. Kusnadi

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