Choices to view the passage of time

Today probably will be great to be mindful of letting the time flow rather than wrestle with time. Actually, there are always choices to view the passage of time:

(1) It can be understood as critical. That will activate the amygdala brain dominated by fear and anxiety toward the uncertainty and threats. This critical dynamic leads to evolving the maladaptive thought process (i.e., All or Nothing Thinking, Overgeneralization, Magnifying, Catastrophe, etc.). As a result, time is seen and experienced as a struggle against life. Life is freeze or trapped with these kinds of thoughts processing. The mind will race and spiral down into a depressed and anxious mood.

(2) It can be experienced as a gift to enjoy, create memorable moments, and recreating the meaning and purpose with it. It can be experienced as a hopeful imagination. Through these lenses, living in the present is wholly enjoyable and full of passion. Moving forward to journey more and more, as to experience more absolutely blessed heart’s desire. Of course, a certain time frame needs to be followed, which leads to more trust and stronger faith. It is like to see the fall season as a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.

This meditation leads to a new awareness of how the perspective toward the passage of time matters to create the life we want to have.

DR. Kusnadi

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