The yearning and the transforming desire

This is the key to understand the healing path:

The aching of the heart measures how much the soul has strayed away from its calling. In other words, there is an existential yearning within. That yearning is necessary because it helps to measure the distance one has traveled (i.e., physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually). Then that will be the moment to understand profoundly what will be the meaning of that yearning.

The questions are, what to do when things seem to fall apart or broken down? How to see the healing path when the soul is unable to see the possibilities?

Those questions truly lead to a new understanding of how to start the standstill condition.

It is time to imagine being surprised by something better than things that seem impossible. Remember to honor your wishes. Let the imagination invites the Devine Spirit to bring back the existential dreams with all their necessary support. Let things flow and let the Universe works on it too. Feel the desire and fascination with images that excite and motivate. The most significant is to allow the awakening moment to transform daily and be thankful. Amen.

DR. Kusnadi

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