Creating balance between outer & inner world

Because of the instinct to survive in this physical world, one naturally developed certain logic, rationalities of thinking, or somehow to a greater degree of imagination, visualizing, or fantasizing. Somehow, the mind was instructed to give more top priority to the outer world in a surprising way.

The preoccupation with the outer world has overshadowed the inner world. The inner world’s skills that are supposed to be trained in certain ways (i.e., which to liberate the self, embrace the interdependency, be creative without too much worry), through time being oppressed by the demand of the outer world.

The challenge now is how to start to beat the drums for the inner world. Awaken the old pattern of belief systems to alert and be mindful that there are possibilities to have a better life. There is an urgent need to create a balance between the outer world and the inner world. It is time to embrace equality between those worlds.

The inner world needs to learn to be proud or confident to give itself a priority to be noticed. It is okay to learn to see the possibilities from the impossibilities. It is alright to feel vulnerable and yet be able to recognize and be brave enough to dream big dreams. There are potentialities to sprout wings to travel a million miles away. Even if there is no clue how to get from here to there, there is a strong drive that revises creativity.  One of the biggest steps is to let the light penetrates the darkness inside.

Through commitment, consistency, and persistence, the impossible will become possible. Amen.

DR. Kusnadi

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