To love your body starts with mind…

At the Rocky Mountain hiking trail, I encourage myself to do mindful walking. Focus on the breath and experience the surroundings’ depth and texture. Let the mind and heart connect to the oneness of all creation, and then let the body accelerates and synchronizes. The blue sky, the cloud, the terrains, the stones, the dirt, wild grass, the wind, and the all… as oneness… even reconnect with the Creator of all. When I reached physical limitation, I mindfully tasted the sweat of the heavenly bliss…

Our bodies are continually responding to the messages of our minds. Everything we experience through our senses, even the most neutral stimulus, leaves an imprint on the mind. All experiences are registered in the unconscious mind, which will determine how we will react or respond to the surrounding. So the work of the mindful soul is how to be more aware of what messages your mind gives to your body?

Common wisdom says: Do you have a problem? Have a drink. Can’t sleep? Take Lunesta or Ambien. Got a stuffy nose? Take Benadryl or Tylenol Cold.  Got indigestion? Take Mylanta. There are chemical solutions for almost everything. We are led to believe that the innate wisdom of the body and mind doesn’t exist. Furthermore, since birth, we have been exposed to and programmed with bags of self-limiting beliefs by our surroundings. We only receive little life lessons that teach us how to activate our own inner power and create the lives we want to become.

Simply, this reflection only highlights that we all can learn and use our thoughts to positively influence some of our body’s physical responses. Enhancing the practice of unconditional thoughts liberates and heals the self and our communities.

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D.

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