Mindfulness horizon


As events come and go, as people read, listen, see, experience, and more, through all senses they have. They conscious and unconsciously allow and incorporate all the experiential happening materials as apart of their personality. Some people may have to become somebody that they may never think or intended to be.

One of the remarkable lessons in reflective life is, when persons forces themselves to take control over the events or situations, they need to learn to let go of their attachments toward status quo condition. They need to be mindfully live from the deep place of recognition and then learn to unlearn.

I always remember message from my “guru,” whom ever said: “If you want to experience the present, then, you need to drop off or give up your every ideas, concepts of living in the present. You need to come to the mindfulness that leads you to the knowledge that being present is not the same as trying to be present. You need to know, you get it when you lose it, you live when you die, you rise when you are hung on the cross.” Remember the flow of the river… experience the symphony without necessary want to own the notes…”

Then, he softly stated one mantra that came from his heart, “Let things come, let things go… Let the water flow and the wind blow, and let the music sound unhindered… Do not hold one note in your pocket… let “do” comes and goes… let “re” comes and goes…” Then, he challenged me to only listen to one cassette of instrumental music each hour, then comes to the whole day, to the whole month, and even a year… Do you want to try this? Once you get it… you will understand… and don’t forget to drop it again…

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