Things that make sense take time


The way we expend our thoughts and actions will tell us whether we live according to the flesh or according to the Spirit. “Wherever your treasurelies, there your heart will be” (Luke 12:34).

 Things that make sense take time.

Cultivate, fertilize, and till the soil. But don’t expect things of the greatest importance to run on your schedule.

I don’t think God keeps lists for what we have to do and what we want to becoming. I don’t think that as clever as we think we are, we’ll understand all about God’s mind. Probably, at least there is one thing that we unquestionably can perceive about God’s desire, it is by our personal experiences about God’s love and compassion in daily life.

That’s the ground that I’ll continue to water and to watch… and I will keep lists the things that are able to help me to grow and to nurture many people…

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