Love’s enchanting power

A poem that captures the magic of love’s light,
For love is a thing that defies explanation,
But still fills our hearts with pure delight.

It sparkles like stars in the midnight sky,
And it whispers secrets that we cannot deny,
It wraps us up in its warm embrace,
And leaves us with a smile on our faces.

Love is a thing that can make us whole,
It can lift us up and make us feel bold,
It can heal our wounds and soothe our pain,
And make us feel alive once again.

But love is also a thing that can be fleeting,
And leave us wondering if it was worth believing,
But like magic, it can always return,
And light up our lives with a brilliant burn.

So let us hold onto love’s enchanting power,
And bask in its glow, hour after hour,
For love, we know it’s true,
That love is creating makes all things unexplored.

So be it, and it will always be magical!

DR. Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D., LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

verified by Psychology Today

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