Exploration of who you are

To Dear Friend,

This assignment is to explore who you are. It is the way to know yourself better and enables you to draw a starting point from where and to where you want to go. These are some conditions that you need to incorporate before beginning your personal journey:

First, you need to make this journey your priority so that you will have a special certain available time every day to sit with yourself and start to write/journey;

Second, you need to be patient and gentle toward yourself—sometimes, you will journey through the uneasy events in your past, which is okay because it is for better understanding and healing. It is probably hurt, and it is okay because you want to improve in the future. Because you do not want to fall into the same false repetitive behaviors

Third, you need to unmask yourself. It is hard because sometimes you do not want to see the real you. You don’t want to see who you really are. It is hard to become real who you are. It would help if you were open and honest towards yourself;

And fourth, the most important part is that you believe this exercise is not only an exercise. This exercise is your journey and will give you many benefits to better understand the NOW and develop the plan for TOMORROW/FUTURE.

  • Fill in the blanks on the age periods that apply to you (My Personal Time Line). This is your first personal self-inventory work.
  • Rewrite the blank paper the information by adding the content and description of the events, the positive and negative moments, the feelings, and the thoughts to know the interactions better. Considering to include the relevant childhood experiences (The interaction with parents and with other family members as your inner circle, and the extended ones—such as your friends, your neighbors, and your environment), developmental (the conditions how you grew up and how you are affected).
  • Closing your journey with how much you, NOW, are different than your past (describe it); How many parts of you still remain the same with your past (describe it); and how much you want to change (to grow)! Answer this question to identify your future: What does it mean to be the best version you are?

Learning to be the best version of who you are is the greatest way. It is about focusing on the Lessons. You will continue to grow better, stronger, and more amazing every day. You can rejoice in your unlimitedness because you can see the opportunities and possibilities.

Good Luck!

My support and prayers

DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC

Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

verified by Psychology Today

 verified by GoodTherapy.org

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