Whatever happen happens

Whatever happens, let happen • We need to relinquish control, fear, worry, desire, and anger to be present, receptive, and aware • We cannot live in the future or our head • We must feel from the heart and bypass brain to connect to people • Self- doubt is a barrier to our journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and self-love • We deserve to reach our full potential • We deserve to love and to be loved • We can begin to heal. • The healing journey will be painful • We can work past the pain with quiet mind • Arrogance and defensiveness must be rid for healing to be effective • For each other to heal, we must heal ourselves first • Shame, guilt & reluctance must be absent • We will never find what we don’t seek, and sometimes our minds deceive us • We must lead with love as to enhance the ability to empathize good surprises with deep emotional reciprocation (i.e., Frisson: a sudden feeling of excitement or fearespecially when we think that something is about to happen).

[shenandoah synopsis by shenanjoah]

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