Solitude & Disruption

The extreme disruption made people aware that there was something wrong. Here, the disruption enables them to notice the extremely random thoughts. In that situation, people often believe they are not safe and in a chaotic situation. That is why solitude is frequently experienced as a disruption of real life that is often experienced as busy, messy, and cluttered.

In the solitudes, the slowing down mind forces us to see and experience the small ripple and the giant wave of emotions. This experience could lead to terrifying feelings because of the sudden awareness that there are so many thoughts and unfamiliar emotions in a second or a minute. The abrupt, with no continuous stimulation, triggers and exacerbates the hysteria. Solitude becomes frightening when there is no grasp to relinquish the fight within.

So, it is important, as we’re breathing, we need to take a moment and learn to adapt, adjust, and get used to the solitudes. Then, we can find an enlightened way of being, understanding, and responding to the challenges ahead. The longer we cultivate the non-grasping thoughts and emotions, the freer we will be. We are no longer confined or imprisoned by our suppositional thoughts and maladaptive emotions.

We then begin to notice that life is the realization of its contingency. We learn that life is perpetual transcendence, always moving into the future and creating the present. In many ways, life is the acceptance of finitude and responsibilities to care, love, and grow. Life is a calling to make better and greater humanity and a more wonderful universe.

Looking back at the dynamic between disruption and regularity, we learn that life is neither fixed nor absolute, ambiguous. Instead, life is full of possibilities that are entailed by existence. So what does this all mean? Certainly that the choices we make daily transform life itself. The choices bear the creative process that leads the mind and heart to embrace the aesthetic experience of the world. We can experience the world as both rich and beautiful through this process.

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DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC

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