2nd Mantra for “Successful Life.”

I am now in the depth of my mind. I take a breath and relax. This moment is my space and mine alone. So, I create a room in my mind and heart. It is a sacred workshop room for my soul. Through this breathing, I am one with myself. I am no longer racing from one thought to the next, no longer following the default.

Here’s the fact for me: The less is more, and the fewer doubt and negative thoughts I have, the more value I have to my thoughts and emotions. Therefore, I have liberty, and I am free now. My mind and heart are clear because I welcome both of them. My thoughts no longer fight against me. My heart and mind are in harmony. That is wonderful.

Now, it is time to breathe peace, calm, and still. Opportunities and better possibilities are always there, here, and now. I am. I am safe and one with myself. I welcome opportunities and better possibilities. Because of that, opportunities and better possibilities always come to embrace. Certainly, I can feel that this is the meaning of living with abundance.

I am mindful of my inner guide and talk with my inner guide more often and more intimately. I am thankful because I have everything in my sacred workshop room. So, I create and recreate creatively; I embrace and re-embrace, passionately, and illuminate myself to be better, healthier, happier, and worthier every day in my life. I am certain this is the glorious responsibility, given.

I am all the qualities, tools, and resources that make all possible in every instance. I truly live with abundance. I am precious, and human life is precious. I am worthy and human life is worthy. I appreciate what I already have, including all the opportunities and better possibilities that I can choose. I continue to believe that I become who & what I think “about” because I care “about.” As I think “about” and care “about,” so I become “about” the one whom I choose to become as the best version of mine that values precious life. The better and the best are always yet to come! My answer is, “Amen.”

Notable Life Counseling Services LLC
DR. Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D., LCPC

verified by Psychology Today

 verified by GoodTherapy.org

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