Christmas & New Year Reflection

Christmas and New Year are here. It is time to reflect on the experiences. You will envision your life when you can reflect on the trial and the tribulation of life.

Trial and tribulation are the pathways that make you stronger and even better. After some time, you will know that the positives come from the negatives.

Amazingly, the reflections envision seeing the trail and the tribulation as the pathways that help move beyond the horizon of limitation. They support you to move beyond the pain, fear, failure, guilt, and sadness so many times.

You probably feel that you are living in the darkness during that time. But, actually, as long as you trust and listen to your inner wisdom and always listen, you move beyond fear to hope and love—That is the meaning of Christmas!

The path will protect and guide you until you become the “you” that you choose to be— That is your legacy in this life!

Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D., LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services, LLC

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