Mantra To Read If You Have Social Anxiety

Because I’m here, listen to myself, to relax and to feel comfortable. I open my heart and mind to surrender –with my faith– to this life journey… the more I allow myself to feel comfortable the more relax I am because all is a natural process of loving kindness and blessings.

Because I’m listening to myself, I can relax and more automatically feel comfortable, and more surrender. All is well. Because relaxation and comfort are so closely tied together, the more comfortable I can feel right now, the more my body will physically relax. Of course the more my body relaxes physically, the more that comfort continues to grow and grows even further into comfortable ” inner- space” and “inner-peace”.

I breathe in and out naturally, more effortlessly, more easily… All is well. I am realizing how wonderful I am… how good I am… how my thoughts always matters and positives for myself and people… how they will do the same as well… how I am flowing like a gentle and respectful stream of water when I talk… All is well and always be well.

Because I feel comfortable in the depth of my inner-peace… I connect deeper with my inner soul, deeper with my inner thoughts, and deeper and deeper, and more intimate with my emotions, more and more naturally to connect with others…

Because I’m listening humbly to myself in this process, I’m connecting to people surrounding, which become my guidance and support. All is well. I’m always become an agent of change for myself to be better, healthier, and happier… to be in peace, serene, and kindness. My path of life and its journey are blessed because there are always angels guides from the front, protect and nurture me from the right and the left, and support from the back…

I open my mind and heart… peacefully, exceedingly, and happily… which guide people surroundings to be kind, full with abundant blessings of thoughts and actions… I am blessed as well they are all blessed. All is well and always will be… This life journey is blessed… Amen… All is well…

DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D, LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services LLC

verified by Psychology Today

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