You are…

As you see the sun down,
You are aware that it will rise up tomorrow morning,
You have hope,
You are creating a space within to welcome,
To embrace the infinite possibilities of tomorrow.

As you are being mindful with your breathe,
You are then aware that your life flows naturally,
That your life has the infinite energies of love
Then you are discovering the fire within.

As you experience the “you” as the core of God’s goodness,
You are embracing your true self,
You are letting God’s nucleus to be born,
To grow and to give blessing for many.

As you are becoming more aware of who you were, are, and will be,
You are accepting the infinite sacred source,
You are becoming a reborn sacred desire.
To embrace the fullness by following the inner vocation,
That you are God’s love.
That God’s love destine to bring salvation and to share God’s good news.

DR. Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D, LCPC

verified by Psychology Today

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