Sacred Relationship


In between mother earth
and father sky,
There stood a self-lost in thought and action,

In between the dark cloud
and the light,
The creature awaits the calling of time,

In between the silence and the siren,
The unheard cry of the soul,

In between the walk
and the run,
The feet anchor to the land,

In between the joy and pain,
The body becomes vessel energy to heal and transform,

In between God’s universe
and Being I Am.
The sacred relationship happening.
Between You and I
As You and I
Always connected
No matter how, where, and when
All blessings

(forwarded from someone who cares)

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Finding God’s liberty


Meditating the words of Angelus Silesius, who stated:

“The emptier I become, the more delivered for me, the more I find God’s liberty.”

Is this the essence of humility to transformation?

Learning to unlearn & to unsheltered the “I.”

All is to Help to be ready to experience deep listening,

And to do a radical acceptance for the reborn of the new universe within…

As ever stated in the Taoist’s wisdom:

“The hen embraces her eggs, always interiorly listening.”

DR. Kusnadi, PhD., LCPC
April 8, 2019

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The way to meditate

Take a few slow, deep breaths. Breathe in and out mindfully.

Be aware of the flow of sensations in the body.

Stay floating with the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions at the moment.

Then noticing and examining them with honesty and curiosity.

“Where do all of these come from?” “What are all of these telling me?”

Stay without judging and just be. Recreate the way by mindful breathing.

Experience the fullness in the void, touch the down in the gloom,

Discover the meaning in the renunciation, which lets the transformation process happen.

All the process is to unsheltered the “I” to surrender more.

To let the hidden be exposed to reality and the truth.

All is good, then thankful because of the grace happening in the moment…

DR. Kusnadi, PhD., LCPC
April 1, 2019

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