Better everyday

Imagine what it would be like if you could level up the feeling good enough by being more mindful of how your brain is filtering in and out all the information in the decision-making process.

Here, in 5 minutes, you will learn to master your mind. At this moment, you will benefit clarity from reciting this simple mantra every day:

  1. Even though I believe my life is better, I have things that I am thankful for every day.
  2. Even though certain things still worry me, I have a good support system; I have faith that things will be alright; I have my independency to get it better.
  3. Even though I am lonely sometimes, I can still do single activities that bring a sense of freedom, a healthier lifestyle, and happiness every day.
  4. Because I am worthy and deserve to feel better every day, I am making my dreams happen today. I am safe, accepted, and loved.

DR. Rony Kusnadi Ph.D., LCPC

verified by Psychology Today

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